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How This FSU Student Does It All—Getting Involved on Campus With Jenna Rodgers

Jenna Rodgers is the perfect example of a multi-tasker; she manages to be in multiple clubs, being a full-time student at Florida State University (FSU) and working a part-time job. Staying motivating and driven is a challenge in itself, but Jenna is passionate about serving the Florida State community. That passion has driven her to run for Senate, while participating in multiple other activities, leaving her calendar booked. Jenna is definitely a girl boss to watch out for around campus!

Her Campus (HC): Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement on campus?

Jenna Rodgers (JR): I’m currently a junior at FSU studying exercise physiology. During my freshman year, I wasn’t as committed socially. I focused on finding a major that best suited me and was involved with a campus ministry. Sophomore year, a friend and I both wanted to get more involved, so we joined one of the political parties on campus. From there we learned more about Senate and Union Board and were fortunate enough to both serve as members of the Union Board this past year. I am also currently involved with a research study through FSU, and I am very eager to be inducted as a Senate member for the College of Human Sciences for this upcoming year. 

HC: Can you give us a look into what Union Board and the Senate members do for the student body of FSU?

JR: The Union Board is a group that coordinates a lot of what happens within and surrounding the FSU Oglesby Union. The members of the board prepare annual budgets, oversee the activity of the Student Union, Flying High Circus, Askew Student Life Center and help organize sizable social events. Senate members spend hours each week creating and amending bills to help ensure that all FSU students feel safe and represented.

HC: What inspired you to join FSU’s union board and run for Senate?

JR: I have always loved serving others and was heavily involved with student council in high school, so I was longing for a way to take the leadership experience I gained and develop that even further on campus at FSU. When I saw the opportunity to run for a Union Board seat last year, I could not pass it up. 

HC: What are you most excited about this upcoming year as a future Senate member at FSU?

JR: I am most excited to get to know all of the other amazing Senate members and to serve FSU students to the best of my ability. I’ve already met some pretty incredible people and can’t wait to form more friendships through this experience. I am also really looking forward to gaining more leadership experience and helping to be a part of implementing positive change on campus. 

HC: How do you balance being a full-time student, working and staying actively involved on campus?

JR: It’s definitely a struggle to balance everything, but I’m so thankful to have a great support system of friends and family that keep me motivated. Time management is also a very important skill that I definitely am not perfect at, but I have been pretty successful at getting everything done on time by prioritizing tasks and setting app limits on my phone when I have a lot to do. It also helps that even though I do stay busy, I’m doing things that I am passionate about.  

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HC: What other clubs or interests are you passionate about and do you have any advice for those who want to get more involved on campus?

JR: In addition to being a senate member next year, I will also be on the executive leadership team for FSU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). I’ve been a member of BCM since my freshman year and it has given me some of my closest friends and helped grow my relationship with God. I’m extremely passionate and grateful for this ministry because of the community that I have found through it and the discipleship tools it has given me. I want others to be able to experience that as well and I try my best to live by Jesus’ example of serving others. For those wanting to get more involved on campus, I highly recommend reaching out over social media. Most, if not all, clubs and organizations on campus have an Instagram or some form of social media. Follow the accounts you are interested in and direct message them for more information.

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Catherine Leavy is a Senior at Florida State University, studying Editing, Writing, and Media. For Catherine, writing is not only a passion but a form of creative expression. She plans to work in editing and publishing after graduating from Florida State.
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