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How to Deal with Going Home to Your Parents

The semester is coming to a close. For us freshman, we have two options: take classes over the summer or go home to our parents. For those who have chosen the latter, it can seem a bit intimidating. At this point, most of us have lived on our own for a year, so it’s concerning to realize you will be under your parents’ roof again. While in college, we go out until the sun comes up, sleep all day, eat whatever the hell we want and do whatever the hell we want. When we’re back home for the summer, it’s most likely not going to be that way. Most parents will probably try to enforce some sort of structure that resembles the one you had before you left for college. How to deal with it?

Talk to them. For this transition back into your “childhood”, communication is vital. The only way for both you and your parents to get through the summer, is to talk about it. Bring it to their attention that you were able to be on your own for a year. You didn’t need their constant overbearing babble. You didn’t need their supervision for everything. You didn’t need them to try and control every aspect of your life. The fact that you’re attempting to discuss these matters with them will also help show how you’re maturing into an adult. With this maturity, they are more likely going to trust you to make your own decisions.

In talking to them, you probably won’t get everything you want. Your parents still care about your safety and well-being so be prepared for them to want some level of structure. You’ll have to compromise. Come to an agreement on a time that you need to be home. Come to an agreement on how late people can stay over. Come to an agreement on everything. Your willingness to compromise will further show how you’re becoming growing into a mature adult, thus increasing their ability to trust in your actions.

I want to remind you of one more thing: they’re still your parents. They still deserve your respect. They have provided for you throughout your life. Many of you probably have parents who are helping you through college. Be aware of this and be mindful. They just care about you and want you to succeed. Through communication and compromise, you can make it through this summer at home with your parents.

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