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How to Create the Ultimate Fall Instagram

There is no season like fall when it comes to good photo opportunities. You get to wear fashionable boots, scarves and sweaters; and you won’t get hot and sweaty ten minutes after walking outside. Here are some of the best fall photo ideas to help you plan your next photo shoot!

Pumpkin Patch 

Courtesy of Brandy Melville USA

This is probably the most obvious example, but it is just too cute and iconic not to include. You can do a pumpkin patch photo shoot alone or with your friends, but no matter who you choose, your photos will come out with that beautiful orange autumn glow that pumpkins bring to any scene.

Change up your color scheme

Courtesy of the author

If you’re anything like me and ended up going to pumpkin patches multiple times to take photos with a bunch of different friends, you may have run into the problem of not wanting to overflow your Instagram feed with too much orange. My solution to this problem was changing up my pumpkin patch photos by featuring a white pumpkin instead of an orange one to incorporate new colors.

Fall Leaves

Here in Tallahassee, we live just far enough north in Florida that we still get to see a little change of color in the leaves, which is perfect for the prettiest fall pictures. You can make a leaf pile to sit on, throw them in the air, or simply use them as your backdrop for a photo that totally screams the fall season.

Barn Setting

Courtesy of autumnlly on tumblr

Barn photos can add an adventurous and rustic vibe to your feed. Added bonus if you find a barn with cute animals! Good nearby places in Tallahassee to take some barn photos could be either Railroad Square or Aunt Louise’s farm.

Corn Fields

Courtesy of Chantry Lee Photography

Corn fields are beautiful, and their neutral color matches well with pretty much anyone’s Instagram color scheme. This is the ideal backdrop to sport your cutest fall outfit, let down your hair and show that you’re one with nature.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Courtesy of Starbucks on Instagram

Some people will call it basic, but I believe that half the fun of seasonal drinks is their aesthetic appeal. You can’t get fall themed coffees and teas just any time of year, so why not take cute pictures of them while they’re around?

Pumpkin Eyes

Courtesy of @best_friends_forever97

This photo op is silly, adorable and you can take it while you’re already at the pumpkin patch! All you have to do is find two little pumpkins, or any other small plant, like a gourd, and hold them over your eyes.


Courtesy of @jillforshort

Another exciting part about fall is that this is the time of year when fairs and carnivals will pop up. You can take daytime fair photos for a fun vintage vibe, or visit at night for a colorful and exciting flare. The North Florida fair will be underway soon and would be perfect to take some photos at!

Calista is a sophomore at Florida State University majoring in Media Communication Studies. She is passionate about fashion, oldies music, cats, and seeing the world become a more caring place. You can find her on Instagram @Calistaflowers
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