House Committee Votes to Impeach President Trump

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the House Judiciary Committee introduced two new articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The articles, respectively, charged the President with the abuse of power and the obstruction of Congress, citing that President Trump had impeded security aid meant to be delivered to Ukraine during an investigation that sought to verify allegations of Ukrainian collusion throughout the President’s administration. On Friday morning the House Judiciary, in a landmark vote, agreed to impeach the President.

The President openly mocked the articles when they were first introduced, stating on Wednesday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania that the articles were “weak” and that the impeachment process was the “lightest, weakest [process] in the history of our country by far.” The President also called the articles “flimsy,”  “pathetic”  and “ridiculous” and claimed that the entire process was a mere ploy by House Democrats in an attempt to find a crime to charge him with. The President has further denied obstructing justice or any involvement with Ukrainian sources and has condemned the situation as yet another failed attempt after the so-called “Russian witch hunt.”

The President has yet to respond to the Friday announcement. The vote came early Friday morning after a 14-hour meeting with House party members; the announcement was initially meant to be released on Thursday night, but in a move that angered House Republicans House Democrats voted to delay the process until the morning. Florida Rep. Ted Deutch tweeted on Thursday night that the decision to delay the vote was a unanimous one, despite the backlash from the opposition, stating that such a vote was too historic to make in the middle of the night.

Courtesy: Twitter

 Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler briefly remarked that the decision made Friday a “solemn and sad day” and that, if the impeachment process proceeds, President Trump would be the third President in “little over half a century” to have been impeached. Republican opposition has been clearly vocalized, with several representatives and congress members denouncing the articles and its supporters. Rep. Doug Collins stated, in response to the decision, that “rather than help Americans move into the future with confidence, Democrats are attempting to knee-cap our democracy” claiming that the move is a false-attempt by the opposing party to convince millions of voters to believe that Democrats can work to overturn the will of the people whenever it conflicts with the will of the liberal elites.

Courtesy: Aljazeera

Now that the articles of impeachment have passed through the House, they will have to pass through the Republican-majority Senate. Rep. Jamie Maskin argued that for the articles to pass, more public engagement is an absolute necessity.


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