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The Hills Stars Are All Pregnant and the Rest is Still Unwritten

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Hills fans, rejoice! No, there won’t be a reunion any time soon (unfortunately). But, in a way, Hills stars are coming together again, even from miles away. Four of the ex-reality television show starts are all pregnant at the same time! Lauren, Whitney and Heidi are all expecting.

Lauren Conrad, 31, announced earlier this year her and husband William Tell are expecting their first child. In true Lauren Conrad fashion, she gracefully announced her pregnancy on New Year’s Day by posting a sonogram picture to her Instagram account. Since then, she has been very discreet about her pregnancy, only mentioning it once again. However, she has used her pregnancy experience as inspiration for some of her posts on her lifestyle blog: LaurenConrad.com. On the blog, she’s revealed some of her own tips for any expecting mothers and for others on how to act with pregnant moms. Conrad is currently in her second trimester, so we can expect her nearly perfect child to arrive around June.

Courtesy: US Weekly


Next up is author and fashion designer Whitney Port. Whitney is also expecting her first child with husband Tim Rosenman. Port has been very public about her pregnancy: she’s been posting video blogs to her YouTube and Instagram accounts and discussing her troubles with her pregnancy. She openly talks about her struggles with morning sickness and other medical issues in hopes of helping other mothers going through the same thing. However, she continually expresses her joy and excitement to welcome her first child into the world!

Courtesy: Whitney Port


Last, but certainly not least, is Heidi Pratt. Shockingly, her and longtime boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, are still married and going strong. Against all odds, the two have been married eight years now. If you were an avid watcher of The Hills, like me, you remember Spencer being very strongly against have any kids of any kind. But, here we are, eight years later, and the two have just announced the pregnancy. In true Spencer and Heidi fashion, they revealed their news in a story in US Weekly (throwback to when they went broke and had to sell stories about their co-stars to magazines to make money).

The cover of the magazine features a picture of the two straddling Heidi’s baby bump, looking surprisingly happy. Montag is currently in her 12th week and is due Oct. 19. In an interview with a magazine, both Spencer and Heidi expressed their excitement for their expected child. Spencer (who sells crystals online now, by the way) said he hopes it’s a boy. The two have come a long way since their days of feuding with co-stars on The Hills, but it seems they both still have a long ways to go. This may just what they need to turn their life around… and the rest is still unwritten!

Courtesy: US Weekly


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