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In today’s society, there is no shortage of fresh music. Anyone with sheer talent, drive and passion for composing music can cultivate such a dream. With the availability of social media and the internet, music production and streaming are highly accessible and achievable. New music from every corner of the world in every flavor is constantly being nurtured and released into the world to be found. The bins of new music are bottomless, one must delve into the deep channels of new music in search of the golden songs that describe a flawless mood or a quintessential memory. Underneath all of the layers of average music, there are the true gemstones from unknown bands and self-produced artists. The discovery of these musicians brings about a new perspective and appreciation of the art that is music. 

Charlie Burg is a jazz-infused ballad artist who has been on the scene for a few years, releasing his first mixtape in 2015. Following up his first project with a trilogy of EPs radiating soul and R&B, Burg harnessed his sound as a poetic lyricist with hints of influence from John Mayer. If jazz guitar and love songs are your forté, “I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You”  and "Intentions" are the perfectly crafted combination. His guitar acts as the solo accompaniment in "Art History, Pt. 1" where you can hear the sweet-sounding runs of his voice. The Detroit native claims his musical influences are the icons of Marvin Gaye and The Temptations, with a special interest in the poetic ways of Ralph Waldo Emerson, using him as inspiration for his harmonious and honest lyrics. [bf_image id="kbsh4t3whk8rszxzmjkb5z4g"]

Continuing down the indie path, lies the band The Polar Boys, who specialize in the pop-rock subdivision of the indie genre. Inspired by The Beach Boys, the band name is a play on words to honor their biggest idols. Formed in Miami, the four lifelong friends, released their first single in 2017 entitled "Barbados." The chilling harmonies that fill the chorus of “Barbados” and the guitar solo resemble the techniques employed by The Beach Boys and The Beatles. With over a million streams, "Nothing Has Changed" proves to be the boys’ most-streamed song. Debuting in 2019, the vocal range and power of the lead singer, Andy Zambrana, prove more explosive and confident, than his work two years prior in “Barbados.” My personal favorite is their synth-filled song "Watch Out," which embodies a more relaxed mood. 

Deep in the realms of soul music, the rich and heart-breaking voice of Celeste is heard. With a unique raspy lilt to match the jazz undertones, Celeste croons similarly to the style of Amy Winehouse. Born in California, but raised in the U.K., Celeste’s cries in her song "Strange" won her the British Rising Star and BBC Introducing Artist of the Year awards in 2019. The transcendental effect of her vocals in the song "Both Sides of the Moon" emits a blues-meets-jazz mood that is truly one of a kind. Feb. 26 marks the release date of her first full-length album entitled Not Your Muse

Music is a journey of personal expression, a medium with such influence and power of storytelling. The undiscovered gems of underground music should not be overlooked; their stories are priceless with one of a kind tones. 

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A fourth-year student at Florida State University, Gabrielle is striving towards a major in Digitial Media Production with a minor in Innovations.
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