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Here’s What We Know About Apple’s New Airpods Max

Just before the holiday season, Apple has released another product to make our pockets hurt. They have unveiled the new Airpods Max, which are their first over-the-ear headset. This comes after the massive success of the in-the-ear Airpods, released in 2016, and Airpod Pros, released in 2019. This product has been highly anticipated for Apple lovers as the company looks to increase its market share in Bluetooth headphones.

This product currently retails for $549 or $91.50 per month for six months. Apple has also developed an Apple Care program for these headphones for $59 that guarantees protections for two years. The Airpods Max are currently available for preorder until an official release on Dec. 15, 2020.

The Airpods Max also comes in space gray, silver, green, sky blue and pink so that they can fit any aesthetic. The packaging includes the headphones themselves as well as a smart case and charging cords, which are the lightning cables.

Some of the defining characteristics of the Airpods Max are their comfort, noise control technology and audio quality. The earpieces' cushions are memory foam, which allows them to truly mold to the ear, and the mesh allows breathability to prevent the customers' ears from getting hot and irritated. Apple has also maintained its high standard when it comes to the audio produced by the Airpods Max. They have implemented noise control so the listener can cancel out all surrounding noise or allow a level of transparency to be able to hear beyond their music. They also have exceptional audio quality for surround-sound and low distortion. 

[bf_image id="9h7qsmv92rph76h5wqrgmf"] This product has also been released at a very opportune time with the increase of work from home practices. The main advantage of the Airpods and Aipods Pro was their small size, and the listener is not overwhelmed with wires hindering their daily functions. But now, people do not mind having more oversized headphones if it means they get good sound quality and the ability to focus. The advantage of not having wires is still present with these Bluetooth headphones, but they do serve a different purpose today. People are also looking for that noise-canceling ability as they may have spouses or children also working from home, and that can get loud in some households. For these Zoom meetings or phone calls customers may be engaging in, there are also built-in microphones that allow the person on the other end to hear the person speaking with as minimal background noise as possible. 

So far, many people have been sent the Airpods Max ahead of its release for reviews and hype building publicity. Media outlets like The VergeCnet and Mac Stories have published their reviews, and they are all positive. A lot of the critics have been looking at that price tag and comparing the features of existing headphones in the market. 

Apple is one of the leaders in modern technology, and everyone looks to them for the newest innovations. They have successfully built a cult-like following with some of the most loyal customers in the game. It is no surprise this product announcement has been received so well and will continue that success upon its release on Dec. 15. 

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Rebecca is a student at Florida State University located in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. She is double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Rebecca enjoys going to football games, acai bowls, and finding new ways to practice growth and self-love!
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