Here’s What We Know About Dec. 13 and the Haylor Rumors

We’re coming up on Friday the thirteenth and it’s bound to be a doozy.

What better way to commemorate the last Friday the thirteenth of the decade with a new album release by Harry Styles. Or we could also celebrate the thirtieth birthday of one of music’s biggest stars on that day as well. In fact, why not do both and make it super juicy with a couple of exes. We’ve hit the trifecta.

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated second studio album Fine Line is scheduled for release the same day as Taylor Swift’s birthday. This feat has the internet and fans all over the world questioning how much of a coincidence this could really be.

Fans have taken to the Twitterverse with their suspicions about the nature of this situation, given that this is highly unusual. Taking into account the unconventional relationship that was Haylor, this most certainly stirs the pot.

Think about it.

Courtesy: Billboard


We’re talking about Taylor Swift, who has become known for her brilliant marketing and promotion strategies in years past. Could it be that we’re being warned of a Harry Styles and Taylor Swift collaboration? Is Styles using Taylor’s infamous ‘ex-lover’ tactic to draw attention to his new music? Either way, you know Friday the thirteenth is doing you dirty when your thirtieth birthday falls on the same day as your ex’s new album release. The question is, is it really just coincidence?

According to Cosmopolitan, one of the most speculated rumors claims that Taylor may be releasing the trailer for her upcoming documentary the same day as Harry’s album. Seems difficult to tell if it’s all innocent or if there really is bad blood. That being said, fans can’t help but anticipate some sort of astounding revelation or surprise as the day quickly approaches.

Considering the pair’s short-lived romance in December 2012 into early 2013, it could also be possible that there is no tea or shade regarding the clash of dates, but it’s certainly difficult to entertain that idea when there’s history between the two. Let’s not forget Swift’s anthemic tunes about Harry in 1989 “Style” and “Out of the Woods” which became the tell-tale signs of their brisk relationship. Harry seemed to retaliate or respond with “Two Ghosts” in his self-titled debut album back in 2017.

Courtesy: The Independent UK


As explained by Refinery29, it does, in fact, seem a bit out of the ordinary to write songs about a relationship that occurred roughly five years ago, especially if both parties already expressed their sides of the story.

So are we right to suspect something bigger than just coincidence here, or are we being played by a massive marketing ploy to trigger a conversation about the album?

Some may consider it Fine Line’s release day, some would say it’s T-Swizzle’s birthday extravaganza, and others will say it’s just Friday. Regardless of which it may be, it seems fans can expect some sort of special delivery whether it be Harry’s album, Taylor’s possible documentary trailer, or even a collaboration between the two.

God only knows.

Until then, stay away from black cats, don’t walk under any ladders and brace yourself for a potential whirlwind.

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