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Fans across the globe are celebrating the return of Britain’s Sweetheart, Harry Styles, to the silver screen as Olivia Wilde recently announced her adaptation of Carey Van Dyke’s chilling screenplay, Don’t Worry, Darling. Twitter blew up this past week after executives confirmed Styles’ role in the film with Harry stans creating faux movie posters, reimagining the costume designs, and making predictions about how the movie will frame the beloved singer. Don’t Worry, Darling is a 1950s psychological thriller about a housewife’s fragile reality that is beginning to shatter, leading to a much more disturbing truth. 

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If you’re unfamiliar with the British pop sensation, he was a member of One Direction from 2010 to their seemingly permanent hiatus in 2015. The band grew expeditious, breaking records previously set by The Beatles. After the band’s separation, Styles went on to release two studio albums, including his debut self-titled record in 2017 and just recently his 2019 sophomore album, Fine Line. If you don’t recognize his music career, surely his collaborations with Gucci have made their way to your magazine cover. Styles is both a musical and fashion leader, and now we get to see him for the second time on screen.

This is Styles’ second major role in a Hollywood film after the 2017 release of Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan. Dunkirk was filled with a star-studded cast and according to IMDB, it received three Oscars, including “Best Achievement in Film Editing,” “Best Achievement in Sound Mixing” and “Best Achievement in Sound Editing.” This critically acclaimed film had Harry right alongside stars like Fionn Whitehead and Mark Rylance. 

Beyond Harry’s role in Dunkirk and his various appearances on shows such as Saturday Night LiveiCarly and Sesame Street, this upcoming Olivia Wilde film is possibly his largest production to date. The IMDB for Don’t Worry, Darling confirmed the cast members and Styles’ is to play as Jack, with his wife Alice performed by none other than Florence Pugh. Originally, Shia Labeouf was to take on the lead, but due to scheduling and other commitments, LaBeouf was unable to fulfill the duties on set. Cue, Harry Styles, which has certainly caused the world to roar. 

[bf_image id="q6kwhc-g2fk5c-3ekpuy"] Other cast members for the project include Dakota Johnson, best known for her role in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as well as the haunting 2018 thriller Suspiria. Additionally, Chris Pine, best known for his role in the Star Trek series, will be jumping on board. While the full cast has not been announced, we can expect more details regarding production to be released in the months leading up to set, but for now, we have five A-list stars. 

There is no set release for the film, as it’s in the pre-production phase (infancy of a film) and with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the United States, we don’t know when we will see this ensemble hit the theatres. Nonetheless, a hungry, eager crowd of Styles’ fans and psycho-thriller fans are patiently waiting for this blockbuster.

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Isabella graduated in April 2021 from Florida State University, majoring in English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is pursuing a career in digital advertising and public relations in the entertainment industry. When off duty, she can be found hanging with her two kitties, crafting her 1000th Spotify playlist, or sporting the town in search of the next great foodie spot. Check out her latest articles below!
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