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Harry Styles: Former Boy-Bander’s Artistic Side

The world took a collective intake of breath when Harry Styles debuted three varying magazine covers via AnOther Man Magazine. If you were paying attention to pop culture this past Monday, you would have heard the hearts of varying demographics collectively breaking and being pieced back together after viewing the array of photos featured in the magazine spread.

The September issue features special documents curated by Styles himself. Featuring a personal playlist and Polaroid pictures of his tattoos, this is the most personal look we’ve gotten into the musician’s views on spirituality and the future of One Direction.

While this intimate look into Styles hometown hangouts and songwriting future is intriguing, the photos themselves showcase some wonderfully eccentric fashion statements like this quirky shot.

Courtsey: AnOther Magazine

Another photo shows Styles wearing a multicolored fluffy sweater and gazing into the camera. This picture screams high-fashion but can also be translated into an affordable fall-based look for males and females alike.

Courtsesy: AnOther Magazine

The magazine hit stands August 29th internationally and can be found in the U.S. at Barnes and Noble or online retailers. This cover story marks the first official look into Style’s independent pursuit as a musician.

News regarding Styles solo music and/or release date is still pending. For now, best be it to appreciate this glimpse into the singer’s life.

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