The Hard Reality of Being a Senior at FSU

The semester that I have been dreading for has finally arrived. I still cannot fathom that I am a college senior. Every single day I realize again that, “Wow I am a senior and I will be graduating by the end of this semester!!!” It is a scary thought.  I never really considered how it would feel to leave behind the best school anyone could attend. To believe that this is my last year as an undergraduate student and that I have to start facing reality as an adult is insane; I know I should be excited but I am not.

When I was a freshman I used to hear the seniors talk about how they don’t want to leave Florida State and how they were going to miss going to Potbelly’s for happy hour or Standard “DERD” on Thursdays. I always wondered why wouldn’t they want to graduate and start a career already? However, every day the future becomes a reality. Now that I am a senior, I’ve realized that all those things the previous seniors were talking about when I was a freshman were real. I do not want to leave Florida State. I have had so many great (and some bad) experiences in this school and it has made me grow as an individual and the person I am today.

I have always been excited to live on my own and to have my own place where I could decorate it the way I want it to be. My independence here is wonderful. I do my own thing at my own pace and with no one telling me what to do. I have also made amazing lifelong friendships that I will always cherish. I will never want to lose connection with my close friends and I hope we still talk after I graduate. I am certainly going to miss my midnight cravings for Taco Bell, my drunken nights at COLI, and that time I fell face-flat in front of Tabu. I am going to miss my crazy adventures to Thomasville, Georgia, and to Madison Social. Have I taken full advantage of the time I have been away from home? Of course I have, it is fun being independent and free but it is sad to think that I will be moving back home.


Courtesy of Kimberly Wong


Honestly these past three years have been the best times of my life and to think by December this campus will no longer be my home breaks my heart. I realize that I will probably not see my friends ever again after December, but I will always find a way to come back into their lives or stay in touch with them. Florida State has a big campus and every day I always tend to meet someone new. I never had a hard time making friends and it will be weird not seeing a new face every day on campus.

Everyday I have been dreading the day when I have to become an adult. The idea of life after college becomes less fictional and more of a hard reality.  Your last semester is not all sunshine and lollipops, RIP to undergrad!!!