Growing up With Siblings in 25 Pictures

Growing up with siblings around your age can be both a blessing and a curse. One minute, you can find yourselves actually getting along with one another, borrowing each other’s clothes or shoes and even showing the other affection. No screaming, arguing or fighting. Then, the next thing you know, then you're all in the living room spearing one another like you’re on an episode of Monday Night RAW. Having siblings is an experience one wouldn’t change for the world and while everyone is raised differently, we can all relate to the struggles of growing up with siblings.

1. You’re always getting roasted and there isn’t anything you can really do about it but sit there and take it. 


2. You always seem to find yourself lost in your sister’s closet “borrowing” her makeup, her clothes and her shoes without ever asking and with zero intention of returning what you took.


3. First, parents complain that you never get along and that all of you are always fighting. Then, when you make peace, they complain. You can never win.

4. “Excuse me, we look absolutely nothing alike. I look like myself, he looks like himself and she looks like herself. AGAIN, we look nothing alike!”


5. Snitching on one another is a full-time job you take seriously.


6. What’s there to apologize for? They’re in the wrong as always.

7. No one wanted to hop in the shower a second ago, but the second you declare that you’re headed there now, everyone wants to shower all of a sudden. Now, all of you are sprinting to the bathroom.

8. Getting into a physical fight and hurting them more than you expected. Then, trying to shut them up before your parents get home and you get in trouble.

9. Let’s face it, your sibling(s) couldn’t be trusted with the remote control.


10. If you’re the younger sibling, you’re always stuck in your older sibling’s shadow.


11. “You’re Chucky.” “Yeah? Well, you’re Freddy Krueger!”


12. Why must the older sibling have to always take the high road?


13. Racing to the car for the front seat after screaming “shotgun.”


14. It’s like they wait to the last minute to pile on the dishes.


15. Trying to remember if you did anything wrong that day and if you’re next in line.


16. Claiming your role as the leader while your parents are gone: “Alright! I’m in charge. I’m the captain now.” 


17. It’s always a great day when you can get away with setting your sibling(s) up.


18. You all don’t have the same names, but still, people can never get your name right.


19. As the oldest sibling, you get to witness just how much your parents’ strictness diminishes over time.

20. You’re the only one allowed to trash talk your sibling(s).


21. Your food will never be safe.


22. Whenever you win arguments.


23. Always having to share your things even when you don’t want to.



24. Just accept the fact that your seat is no longer yours.


25. Doing your best to remain on your parents’ good side. 

All images courtesy of Pinterest and Twitter.