Grey’s Anatomy is Back with Season 16

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Grey’s Anatomy is back and as dramatic as ever! Season 15 ended with several nerve-wracking cliffhangers. Andrew DeLuca was arrested; Jackson Avery left Maggie Pierce in the middle of nowhere; Miranda Bailey fired Meredith Grey, Richard Webber and Alex Karev; and Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman had a baby! Needless to say, Grey’s fans everywhere were looking forward to the season 16 premiere with much anticipation. 

This season is already exciting for many viewers. The episode started with Maggie calling Jackson’s name after he disappeared on a dark, lonely road. Before the premiere, rumors were getting around on social media that stated Jackson died in this episode. Many fans are relieved to find out  that was not the case. Jackson, Maggie and a few paramedics helped save the lives of a woman and her husband, who were in a hiking accident. During the episode, Maggie and Jackson made it clear to the audience that they are no longer together. One of the last lines of the episode, after she sees him flirting with a paramedic, is Maggie saying to Jackson, “I don’t like you. You don’t like me. We aren’t friends.” 

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While the relationship between Maggie and Jackson has ended, Alex and Jo Karev are trying to mend theirs. Last season, fans saw Jo self-implode after meeting her birth mother. She was severely depressed and turned to alcohol to bury the pain. In the premiere of season 16, fans have gained hope for the Karevs when Alex checks Jo into a treatment center. Jo offers him an “out” since they aren’t legally married. After talking about their feelings with one another throughout Jo’s stay at the treatment center, they finally start making some progress. In one of the last scenes of the episode, Alex gets down on one knee and proposes to Jo, again, stating he doesn’t want the out. This was definitely a heartwarming moment for Alex Karev fans everywhere. 

Another struggling relationship that we see more of in this episode is that of Catherine Avery and Richard Webber. This relationship has been a rollercoaster since way before their wedding in the season 11 finale. Richard claims that Catherine should’ve done something about him getting fired, rather than just sitting back and watching it happen. The episode didn’t give any kind of closure to their problem; instead, Richard wound up sleeping on the couch and the episode ended before revealing anything else. 

Speaking of Richard’s termination, things aren’t looking great for Meredith Grey. While the charges against Andrew DeLuca were dropped, Meredith is now on the chopping block. At the beginning of the episode, Meredith’s attorney assures her that the Board of Medicine most likely won’t try to revoke her medical license. Throughout the episode, Meredith completes her community service requirements and calling it a “roadside vacation”. She then gets a message towards the end of the episode stating that there will be a hearing to decide whether she can keep her license or not. This is some nail-biting news for Grey’s fans!

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Some more important things that happened in this season’s premier include Tom Koracick becoming Miranda Bailey’s boss. Catherine Avery decided to make this change after Bailey chose to fire three of the hospital’s finest surgeons. Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman had a baby girl and Teddy is an emotional wreck over it (the fact that Owen offered to milk her didn’t help). And last but not least, Amelia Sheppard is pregnant with Link’s baby!

Needless to say, this season looks like it will be full of surprises. You can watch Grey’s Anatomy’s next episode this Thursday, October 3 on ABC Network at 8 PM EST.

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