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When I was younger I didn’t care about zodiac signs. I thought they were too broad and could apply to anyone. I thought it was just an excuse for people to hate or like someone for no reason even though we can’t control when we are born or what sign we get. But one day my friend told me that I had more than one sign. As I learned more about my zodiac sign, I was amazed by how accurate my horoscopes were. Instead of fighting it, I decided to dive deeper and learn more about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t instantly dismiss a person because of their Sun sign, but it makes me curious to know more about them. Everyone should read a little more about their Sun, Moon, and Rising signs just to satisfy their curiosity because I know some people are a little bit curious. It’s also fun to learn more about yourself, especially since we’re all in quarantine. When I learned about my sign, Gemini, I started to reflect on the things I’ve done in the past. I remember when people would say “Oh no, you’re a Gemini” and I thought that was a bad thing. Now I know better than to listen to others who rag on someone’s Zodiac sign. I’ve learned to embrace my sign because I was born this way and I love being a Gemini.

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As a fellow Gemini, my favorite trait is how adaptable I am to everything. I am very open-minded and always interested in learning new things. I love how Geminis have a child-like curiosity and love to be creative. I get bored very easily if I do the same thing day in and day out. There’s nothing new that keeps me excited and I crave adventure. That’s why I always travel to someplace new every year. Yes, my bank account does suffer, but it’s worth it for all the experiences I’ve had. Also, I feel pretty cool when I tell people stories of when I traveled and inspire them to try traveling sometime soon. Once I am passionate about something it is hard to change my mind.

Geminis love to talk and are very social when they are comfortable. I can be shy at times around people I don’t know, but once I start talking there’s no stopping me. I love how I am not afraid to communicate because without proper communication it can lead to horrible misunderstandings. I will talk to everyone about anything because I am curious to know what goes on inside their heads. You never know what amazing people you are sitting next to until you start talking to them. Everyone has a story to tell and I am willing to listen, but sometimes I do need alone time. Even though Geminis are usually social butterflies, we love time to ourselves. I get exhausted when I hang out with my friends too often and I like to recharge by having some alone time. It doesn’t mean I am avoiding my friends, but I just need “me time” to gather my thoughts.

My Zodiac does not instantly define who I am because no one is that simple. Everyone is different in their own way and while you might not relate to everything you read about your Zodiac, you should dig deeper into the traits that do. No harm can come from learning more about yourself. Most importantly, embrace and be proud of your Zodiac sign because there is no such thing as a bad sign. People who have the same sign can be total opposites and that’s what makes us unique. Now try and find some fun facts about your Zodiac sign!

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