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When I was younger I would always think “If I was a guy my life would be so much better.” When I was little I wasn’t allowed to do anything that was “for boys.” If I wanted to skateboard, play football, or wanted to wear sneakers instead of sandals my parents would say “No that’s for boys.” I was so frustrated I couldn’t wear what I wanted or do anything I thought was fun. I wasn’t your typical girly girl. I loved action figures, playing football at recess and playing in the mud. My brother would always join me so I thought I was a normal girl, but my parents told me that girls can’t do everything that boys do. Looking back, I realized that’s bullsh*t. They made me resent being a girl instead of falling in love with who I am and not letting gender hold me back. Instead of hating myself for being a girl, I realized being a girl is awesome. I love who I am and you should too. Even if I am a bit of a tomboy, there are so many things I love about being a girl.

First off I love how we have so many fashion styles to choose from. We can rock anything! That old t-shirt that has a cute design could be made into a cute crop top. We have so many choices; you can wear overalls or a nice dress and you won’t be judged. My favorite is when I’m wearing an outfit and someone compliments me on my style. Thanks for hyping me up. Now I know I’m rocking this outfit. We are also willing to share where we got it from. We girls want to make each other look bomb.

Cam Morin via Unsplash

As an artist, I love using and seeing wild colors and our generation is KILLING the makeup game. I love how the girls of the generation said f*ck it and used whatever colors they wanted. When I was in high school the boring old neutral tones in smokey eyes bored me. I wanted something more fun and colorful to express who I am. No, we do not put on makeup for guys to like us. We just think it’s fun. Now if someone is wearing yellow eyeliner it’s not a crazy idea. It’s different, bold and daring because she knows she can rock that color.

Rainbow pressed powder eye shadow make-up palette
Sharon McCutcheon

The next thing I love about being a girl is our hair. We can choose from many different styles and dye it any crazy color we want. We can braid, curl, or straighten or hair. Yes, it might take a bit of work, but it’s worth it. We can add extensions or wear fun wigs without judgment.

hair dye
artursfoto via Pixabay

One of my favorite things about girls is our intuition. We are just naturally able to feel when something is not right. It’s almost like we have our own superpower! My intuition has helped me avoid a lot of troubling situations. I can’t count how many times I have relied on my intuition. The best part about it is that we all are born with it. We can instantly figure out who’s shady just by a simple look. What else do you need?

Even though the society we live in tries to hold us back because of our gender, we need to love ourselves. Being a girl is great because we are willing to fight for what we believe in. We might have to work harder, but we will get there and make our society a healthy environment for those future girls out there. We girls have got to stick together because we know what we’re capable of .

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Greetings, I was a Her Campus Writer at FSU. I majored digital media production and I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. I love reading, drawing, and bingeing tv shows on Hulu and Netflix.
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