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Gigi Hadid Saves the Chanel Show at Paris Fashion Week

At Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show on Tuesday morning, audiences were confused, stunned and amused when a woman dressed up as Coco Chanel jumped from the audience and on to the runway. She began to walk in the show as if she were a model, even going as far as to wear a houndstooth tweed suit and a black flat-topped hat– two of famed designer Coco Chanel’s staples. Surprisingly, security did not take action and so model Gigi Hadid ended up having to take matters into her own hands. She approached the intruder and escorted her backstage. But who was this intruder in the first place, and what was her reasoning behind crashing one of the biggest shows of Paris Fashion Week?

Courtesy: @trendo.mx

According to WWD, the intruder is a comedian and YouTuber, identified as Marie Benoliel, also known as Marie S’Infiltre by her subscribers. On her YouTube channel, Benoliel features several videos of her infiltrating various events as a form of satire. Earlier this week, Benoliel crashed another Paris Fashion Week show for Etam. It seems that she wanted to outdo herself and crash a show with even more press. After she crashed the Chanel show on Tuesday, she took videos of herself walking the runway to Instagram and Hadid escorting her off. A translation of the caption from French to English says “Say, I heard… ‘Pfff, too easy’… So today I wanted to aim for the impossible: the Chanel Parade… Gigi, honey, are you recovering from our fight backstage?” Hadid has not spoken on the matter or responded to Benoliel’s post, which seems to be, in part, directed at her.  

After the incident, users took to Twitter and various social media platforms sharing videos and memes about the runway intrusion. Many are siding with Hadid saying things like “omg I love you so much Hadid” or “Gigi icon.” The event seems to be giving press not only to Hadid but also to Benoliel, who has gained 11k followers on Instagram since Tuesday morning. According to Brooke Bobb from Vogue, Benoliel has been ridiculed in the past for using rallies and protests to bring herself publicity. However, it seems that all press is good press in Benoliel’s eyes because she continues to stage these intrusions and publicity stunts time and time again. Bobb also claims that Benoliel’s solo comedy show, which takes place at the Studio Champs Elysées, is going to have tickets sales going “through the roof.”

Courtesy: @trendo.mx

Alyssa Bailey of Elle states that Hadid’s appearance in Chanel’s show at Paris Fashion Week came merely hours after her friend, and fellow model, Haley Baldwin had her wedding ceremony with her husband of a year, Justin Bieber. The ceremony took place in North Carolina so fellow model, and friend, Kendall Jenner remained in the states to attend. Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella Hadid decided to partake in Paris Fashion Week, so they stayed in France instead. From weddings to fashion shows to escorting intruders off of the runway, this model girl-squad has stolen the spotlight this week, making countless headlines!

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