Get Down for Gaines Street Fest


On Saturday, November 7th the corner of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue becomes a music festival enticing to all college students and Tallahassee dwellers. Gaines Street Fest is an annual conglomerate of vendors, food trucks, artists, alcohol and of course tons of music.

Back in 2011, Gaines Street was getting repaired and the area wasn’t doing so well in town financially. To help business thrive, locals created what would be known as a Tallahassee staple event. Everyone banded together and brought in their resources so they could benefit the businesses and showcase the art, food and music happening all around them. With essential help from the shops and owners on Gaines Street, Gaines Street Fest came into being and has stayed strong since.

The first Fest featured more than 30 bands such as Girls on Film, Only Thieves and Chilled Monkey Brains in venues like St. Michael’s Pub, The Engine Room and Farside. Local favorites like Voodoo Dog and Fat Sandwich joined by Tallahassee food trucks came out and joined the celebration. Locally owned businesses like Phaze One, Olde Fields and Avant Garb lured in more crowds because of their special event sales. In 2012, everyone outdid themselves. More than 100 Tallahassee performers from rock bands to belly dancers played all day on half a dozen stages both inside venues and out, all within a few blocks. Shops reported having record breaking days. Restaurants ran out of food from serving so many people. Since it’s conception, Gaines Street Fest has thrived and plans to continue that trend this year.

Not only is it a great adventure and fun for attendees, but some of the musicians get to really make their mark on their town. Katie Harrison, a member of one of Torreya who will be playing at the Fest, says “We are really excited to play at Gaines Street with some other great bands. We can show what makes us different while still having fun and making music. We even have a violin.” Even if you aren’t familiar with the bands, show up and have a good time with music and food.

The line-up so far:A Dying Breed – A Turn Before the Fall – The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn – Backlash – Bad Vibe – BAET – The Bean Burritos – The Belt – Blackfin – The Brittany Russell Band – The Brown Goose – Buster Wolf – Chuck Spears and the Renegades – The Circle – Cottonmouth Perry – David Lareau and The Copperpots – Dome – Dreadship – Driving Lights – Dusty Gravelers – Form – Foster Drive – Fuzzhound – Gedwolgod – Heir of an Architect – Hold That Hand – Indian Shores – Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent – kidDEAD – Kilo Tango – Leah & the Aviators – Like Dinosaurs – Little Sluggers – Lychee Camp – Macho:Mierda – Mainstream Filth – Mellow Relics – Melt Channel – Michael Strivelli – Naps – The Ned – Never Meant – No Face – Osagie – Park and Franklin – Pimp Lightning – Pleasant Peasant – Rachi Ru – Sarah Matlow – Space Goat – The Space Time Travelers – States Avenue – Storm the Gates – Summer Cicada – Sunflower Sisters – SunGhosts – System Solera – That Kid With a Guitar – The Bell Brothers & Erik The Viking – Timid Tongues – Torreya – T-Rev – Trial By Stone – Tuesday Supper Club – Tyler Denning Band – Violently High – Werehouse – Wild Creatures – Wolf and Witness – Zach Abati

Come out and support local musicians and artists! If you want to find out more check out their facebook page here.