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All Generation Z gals know that in the digital world, it can be difficult to find ways to efficiently study and maintain focus in college. These four study tips have enabled me to succeed greatly during my first year of college.

YouTube Can Be Your Best Friend

I absolutely love watching YouTube videos, but not only for entertainment. I’ve found that watching a College Day in My Life vlog can be just the motivation I need to fully delve into my studies. A few of my favorite productive college vloggers are Abby Asselin, Hannah Elise and Sophia Pruett. If you prefer to have something on in the background while studying but don’t want to get distracted, I would most certainly recommend searching up a “Study With Me” video. These videos often include music and sometimes a Pomodoro Technique timer, which allows you to study in 25-minute intervals with short breaks of approximately 5 minutes in between. My favorite creator of these videos would have to be elloitsangela.

Intense Studying Playlist

Personally, I have always struggled to focus on long readings, especially for classes I’m not very interested in. Last semester, one of my professors played Spotify’s Intense Studying playlist during one of our work periods, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Whenever I have a couple of chapters of reading due for a class, I simply put my AirPods in and put this magical playlist on.

Stickies App

As a Virgo, I’m a sucker for organization. I have always loved making and checking off a to-do list. I used to type up my lists on Pages or Word, but recently I discovered Apple’s Stickies app (which comes pre-downloaded) and it has changed the game for me. If you’re not a Mac user like me, I’m positive there are plenty of sticky-notes apps available for free download out there. What has worked best for me so far is to create one sticky note for my school-related tasks and list all of my classes. Under each class, I list the readings and assignments I must complete that week in order of due date. Nothing compares to the feeling of deleting a task from the list once it’s complete and shortening that sticky note.

Blue Light Glasses

Last, but absolutely not least, are blue light glasses. Now, these are more of an item than a tip, but they can make all the difference. These glasses work by filtering out blue light from digital devices to prevent headaches and eye strain. If nearly all your schoolwork is online like mine, these are definitely a worthwhile investment. Personally, I have the Maestro glasses from Prive Reaux in Chestnut Brown Toirteshell. Not only do they successfully prevent horrible tech-related headaches, but they also make me feel 10x smarter when I wear them!

I hope these tips help you ace your spring semester classes!

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Alyce Rogers is a freshman at Florida State University majoring in public relations. She enjoys writing about movies, music, and study tips.
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