Gamma Phi Crescent Week: Ice Cream, Kickball and Philanthropy

Courtesy: Gracie Smith 

Yesterday marked the end of Crescent Week for Gamma Phi Beta! Crescent Week helped raise money and awareness for the Girls on the Run foundation. This foundation helps to empower and build strong women through 5Ks. Usually Gamma Phi Beta has their kickball tournament and an ice cream social earlier in the week. However, this year their philanthropy chair Gracie Smith decided to switch things up and make it a philanthropy week to maximize the awareness and the money they raised! During the week, Gamma Phi Beta had a shopping share-it night at Sparkle by Madison, coffee and doughnuts at Gamma Phi Tuesday morning, car chalking, an ice cream social and a food truck at the Gamma Phi house last Friday. I decided to meet with Gracie Smith so I could find out more about their philanthropy and what their goals were for the week! Check out this video for more information about their awesome philanthropy. 

Courtesy: Gracie Smith

Her Campus (HC): What made you want to change your philanthropy from Crescent Classic to Crescent Week?

Gracie Smith (GS): I figured, why not? Making it a week-long event would only help to raise more awareness for the Girls on the Run foundation and plus Gamma Phi Beta and the whole Panhellenic community were so supportive of the idea.

HC: What was your favorite event this week that you guys put on?

GS: The snow cone food truck was my absolute favorite!

HC: What was your goal for the week?

GS: Our chapter goal was to raise $10,000 but my individual goal was that the more events we had the more people would hear about Girls on the Run so I just wanted to raise awareness.

HC: What has been your favorite part about being philanthropy chair, and what has been the biggest challenge?

GS: The biggest challenge was coming up with new innovative ways to fundraise because the Greek community at FSU is always so great about new ways to fundraise. My personal favorite is DHOP by the Delta Delta Delta sorority so shoutout to Gabby for that! At the same time I enjoyed the challenge of making this philanthropy my own and the freedom to really push the limits and where we can take it.

HC: What is something you want participants to take away from this week long philanthropy?

GS: I want people to take away that it is so possible to fundraise and anyone can make a difference! 

Courtesy: Lauren Wynne 

“My favorite event of the week was the ice cream! I loved seeing everyone in Greek life come together to support such a great cause," said Gamma Phi Beta senior Lauren Wynne. "I’m so proud of Gracie for all her hard work and making this such a memorable philanthropy for my senior year!" At the end of the huge kick ball tournament the winning teams were Sigma Delta Tau for girls and Chi Phi for boys. In second place for girls was Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Sigma for boys. “Gamma Phi Beta is definitely one of my favorite sororities on campus and Crescent week was such a blast to be apart of," said Alpha Delta Phi junior Bobby Estrada. "I’m not just saying this because I’m their kitchen boy, but they know how to put on a great philanthropy and if you missed out this year make sure you don’t next year.”

Once all the games had been played, the sun was setting and Crescent Week was coming to an end. Gamma Phi Beta had a post-event celebration at Madison Social who was a huge donor for Crescent Week. This is where Gamma Phi Beta also announced their new Crescent man - Jeff Jernigan from Kappa Sigma! “It was an honor being Crescent Man for these awesome ladies. I've met so many genuine girls and have learned so much about them and they brought the best out of me," said Chi Phi senior and former Crescent Man Sammy Green. "Congrats to Jeff; he's an awesome guy and he will be a great Crescent Man. My advice to him is that he treats these girls like his sisters because they are his sisters. I love you G Phi!”

Former Crescent Man Sammy Green

Courtesy: Gamma Phi Beta