FSU Student Veterans Center Celebrates Their 5th Anniversary

The Florida State Veterans Center is celebrating their 5th Anniversary for their program called the Student Veteran Film Festival. To celebrate this profounding moment of success, they will be featuring the movie by Marquee Film called “The Hornet’s Nest," a documentary that uses live combat footage to show viewers the life of a military soldier in the elite U.S troop that go into dangerous missions in the war with Afghanistan. 

Courtesy: Student Veterans Center

The movie will be showing at 6:30 p.m. on November 9 in the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall, but I recommend students and faculty to arrive early to ensure good seating. At 8:30 after the screening, the directors David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud will be holding a question and answer session for the audience about the history of the movie and the soldiers featured in the documentary. The public is invited to come view the film, so this would be a great event to take friends, co-workers or family along.

Student Veteran Film Festival is a spectacular event that the Florida State University Student Veterans center holds in hopes of raising awareness of veterans’ issues and to gain community and student support for veteran-related goals and initiatives at Florida State University. As a student-led event, the screenings and discussions held in the Ruby Diamond Concert center are intended to address the issues and concerns that are important to the veterans that attend our university, as well as the students and public who are on active duty in the military.

Courtesy: IMDb

The screenings hold questions and answers after the films for students to gather more information and hopefully let students leave with more knowledge and insight into active soldiers and veterans life’s. The festival is sponsored by the Office of the President, Student Veterans Center, Florida State Collegiate Veterans Association, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, Student Government Association and the College of Motion Picture Arts. This is also a campus-wide event.

The Student Film Festival movies always take place in the universities biggest and one of the most beautiful, professional venues, the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. The building allows for a large group of people and lets the panel discussion seem more intimate and gala based. The Student Film Festival is one of the signature event of the fall semester for the Florida State University Student Veterans Center, which covers the mutual goals and commitment that Florida State has to become more veteran friendly and to offer a more specific focus on educating faculty and students at Florida State University on the battles that the military soldiers face externally and internally. It is a great opportunity to get informed. It is always better to be informed than to be ignorant.

If you would like more information on the movie “The Hornet’s Nest” or the Student Veterans Film Festival, feel free to contact Reinhart Lerch at [email protected] or visit their website