FSU Spring 2019 Registration as Told by The Office Characters

We are currently only one month and X days through the 2018 fall semester. But even though fall is still just getting started, get ready to think about your classes for next semester because registration is open now!

Here are some important facts you should know before you sign up for your classes as told by the Office characters.

1. Check your date to sign up

Your date may be closer than you think! For everyone, spring registration guide book opens October 1st. This means that you can check on what potential classes you can take. From there, you can put the classes you want in your cart and you can officially submit your order depending on your registration day. Registration starts October 15th but depending on your GPA and school year, you may have a later registration day. To check out what day you have, head over to the MyFsu website and click future under “My Course.”

2. Go in with your advisor and use your academic map

No matter how much you may think you know about your major, no one will know more than your advisor. Call them and set up an appointment for a minimum of an hour long. This will ensure that the classes you are taking will matter and that you are on track with your academic map, which advises which courses and the number of credits you should have completed within a certain time frame (usually for a semester).

3. Text your friends for advice & to sign up for classes together

Not only is your advisor a great resource for you, your fellow students/friends are one as well. They can give you their advice on certain classes from the perspective of a student like you. Or if there’s a class you want a study buddy for, see if anyone of your friends will take it with you.

4. How to choose your professor:

One of the best tools that we have as a student is rate my professor. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a website that college students use to rate their professors. They can get ranked on how hard the test were and their interactions with students. This allows you to get a detailed idea of what this professor you have may be like. Another great thing you can do to ensure that you have the best professor for your learning style is too search by professor for the class. If you have a professor that you have previously had or just a professor you have heard positive things about, you can search the database by the teachers name. So once you get to the class search (click here to learn how to get to class search), you would click “Additional Search Criteria” and put the teachers last name into the search bar.

Now with all the resources you need to add classes to your cart for your perfect Spring schedule, act fast because it's currently open!

All images courtesy of Giphy.