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FSU Men’s Basketball: Climbing the Ranks in the ACC

FSU men’s basketball has been on the rise since the beginning of their season back in November. They handily won the first four home games, but when they took to the road for the first time against Temple, the Noles lost 86-89. Although the game against Temple was a minor setback, the Seminoles won the next 12 games, which included ranked teams Florida, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Duke. The Noles went on the road again this January to play North Carolina at North Carolina.

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The Seminoles unfortunately could not hang on to keep their win streak against top ranked ACC teams and went home with another L under their belt. The next two home games were sold out since Notre Dame and Louisville were coming to Tallahassee. The student section has been sold out for almost every home game since the beginning of this year! We have officially been using the bragging rights that UF tried to use two years ago saying, “we’re a basketball school.” Unlike UF, we have always been a basketball school with the women’s basketball team. It has taken a while for the men’s basketball team to reach their full potential.

Fans were hopeful heading into the game against Georgia Tech this past Wednesday, Jan. 25, since we had beaten enough ACC ranked teams to soar to number 1 in the ACC! Starting off against Georgia Tech, the Noles looked a little slow on their feet. By halftime, it was officially the worst start to a game FSU has had all season. They only scored 15 points and were down by over 20 points.

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I was watching the game and it was almost sadly impressive how many baskets we missed. I kept thinking to myself it was harder to miss that many baskets consecutively than to just make one. On the other side, Georgia Tech couldn’t miss. It was three pointer after three pointer and our defense was on their heels. I was still optimistic when the Seminoles took the court again, but I started downing my beer at a rapid pace when I noticed the Noles didn’t look like they were playing any differently than they were before halftime.

Georgia Tech kept a lead of 18 points over the Seminoles the ENTIRE GAME. Although the game was unpleasant to watch, FSU had nine turnovers, which is better than the previous games they have played.

The Seminoles now have a lot of material to look at when they watch film. They had to get right back on their feet and face another ACC team, Syracuse, Saturday Jan. 28. Before Syracuse, the Noles were 18-3 overall and 6-2 within the ACC and North Carolina jumped above them to number one in the ACC with the Noles resting at number 2. After Syracuse, the Noles will take on Miami, NC State, Notre Dame again, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Clemson, Duke and Miami again. Unfortunately, the Seminoles lost to Syracuse this past Saturday, making the Noles’ season record 18-4. Although they have had some bumps in the road, you should still keep an eye on them the rest of this season if you haven’t been watching already, because we could be going to the ‘Ship.

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