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Alyce Rogers

FSU Dorms Ranked

Starting college is stressful enough without having to worry about what dorm to live in. I’m here to relieve a bit of stress with this ranking of Florida State University’s freshman dorms.

1. Azalea

Built in 2017, this is the newest (and nicest) of all dorms available to freshmen. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to get a spot in it. But, if you’re within about the first 500 applicants to sign your housing contract, you may have a chance. 1851, a dining venue, is on the lower level of the dormitory and contains Tuscan Eatery, Tally Mac Shack, J-Street Grill, Sushi with Gusto and The Canteen.

2. Magnolia

Magnolia is the sister dorm to Azalea, and it was also rebuilt in 2017. It features the same new and modern features as Azalea and is only a short walk away from 1851.

3. Dorman & Deviney

Built in 2015, Dorman and Deviney (which are basically exactly the same) are just as nice as Azalea and Magnolia. I know several people that live here and absolutely love it. They’re super close to 1851 and The Den.

4. Ragans

This is the dorm I wish I lived in. I don’t have a meal plan and totally regret not looking for a dorm with a personal kitchen (all dorms have communal kitchens, but they’re often occupied). These dorms are apartment-style with private rooms. Though they’re often occupied by upperclassmen, some freshmen get lucky and find a spot here.

5. Cawthon

I’ve only heard good things about Cawthon. Overall, this dorm seems to be more social than others. If you expect to be spending long nights studying, Cawthon is a great choice, as it is the closest dorm to Strozier library. It’s also right next to Chick-fil-a. Cawthon is home to music, engineering and women in math Living-Learning Communities as well.

6. Landis

This dorm is intended for honors students, but some non-honors freshmen find a spot here for the summer. Architecturally, I think Landis is the most beautiful dorm. It’s right across the street from The Sweet Shop and, on the other side, faces Landis Green (hence its name). It also features a neat basement with a TV.

7. Wildwood

I currently live in Wildwood Hall and have no complaints. The staff is incredibly kind, the events are neat (lots of free food), and it’s very close to Pensacola Street Garage. The dorm is right across the street from the Askew Student Life Center, which includes a coffee shop, movie theater and a computer lab. If you expect to have classes in the stadium or don’t want to bother with parking on game days, Wildwood Hall is only a short walk away from Doak. This dorm is also home to the nursing and social justice Living-Learning Communities.

8. Gilchrist

My boyfriend lived here over the summer, and the trash room basically made the whole hall smell (the summer heat probably didn’t help). This dorm is a bit older, but its location is fantastic as it is attached to Landis Hall.

9. DeGraff

Built in 2007, this dorm is just as nice as Dorman and Deviney, but it’s just a bit far. Its distance from campus is really the only reason the dorm is this low on my ranking; however, if you want to feel like you’re living off-campus, this is perfect for you. It’s right next to McDonald’s and The Strip (if you’re into the partying scene).

10. Reynolds, Jennie Murphree, Broward & Bryan

These dorms are a bit older and definitely show their age since they haven’t been renovated in over twenty years. Broward is located next to Gilchrist, while the other three are lined up behind Suwanee Room (which is great if you plan on purchasing a meal plan). This location can be super convenient if you expect to have classes in Diffenbaugh, Dodd Hall, or the Williams Building since these can be a trek from the other dorms. These dorms are also a short walk away from Dunkin’ and Skoolers.

11. McCollum

This dorm is mostly upperclassman, but who knows? You could get lucky. It consists of townhouse-style apartments, which are either made up of two bedrooms and one bathroom to be shared by four students or one bedroom and one bathroom for a single student (but keep the price in mind).

12. Salley

This is the least favorable of all dorms, but if you end up here it will NOT be the end of the world. A few drawbacks to this hall are its slightly inconvenient location, lack of communal kitchens and study spaces compared to other dorms, and that it hasn’t been renovated since 2000. Salley seems to make up for its lack of communal study space by proving a study room for each suite-style dorm. It’s very close to Seminole Cafe, as well as many of the buildings for sciences and medicine.

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Alyce Rogers is a freshman at Florida State University majoring in public relations. She enjoys writing about movies, music, and study tips.
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