FSU Bathrooms: The Best vs. The Worst

Being known as one of the biggest universities in the United States has its perks. With the football stadium, a variety of hangout spots, and endless views, Florida State has much to offer. We do have our downfalls, especially when it comes to parking but other than that, Florida State is no doubt the college to attend. I mean, we’re not perfect, no one is. One of those downfalls is definitely our bathrooms. A choice must be made when your bladder is full and sometimes the closest bathroom at the time is less than ideal.

The Best Bathrooms on Campus

You don’t learn the trick to this trade after summer C, even if you think you do. You stumble upon this, in that random elective, you decided to take the week of drop/add. Here are the best bathrooms Florida State has to offer.

  1. Dodd Hall (Plus killer views and a great study spot, one of FSU’s most beautiful buildings.
  2. Office of National Fellows
  3. The Psych Building B and C wings
  4. Corner of the Stone Building (College of Education)
  5. Ruby Diamond/Westcott (we could’ve guessed this for sure)
  6. The newly renovated Dirac bathrooms (Yessss! This one we’re excited about)
  7. William Johnston Building (also a great study spot, including a secretly hidden art library)
  8. New Chemistry Building
  9. Fresh Foods (stop and grab a snack before and/or after!)
  10. Bellamy Basement corner (not to be confused with the first floor)

 Courtesy: FSU Legacy Walk

The Worst Bathrooms on Campus

Finals season is coming up and the stress is already hitting you. You down four cups of coffee by four in the afternoon. It’s time for a five-minute bathroom break just so you can change your view from that grey wall in Stroz you’ve been staring at for an hour now. You brace yourself for impact. You’re heading to a stairway bathroom at Stroz. This bathroom break is one you could’ve passed up. It’s more of a punishment than a break. These are the bathrooms you’ll want to avoid at Florida State:

  1. Strozier bathroom (most of them, most of the time, especially first floor and stairs, sometimes second floor)
  2. The Old Dirac bathroom (please don’t make me ever relive that)
  3. Leach
  4. Chemistry Lab Building (offer’s no women’s bathrooms)
  5. Bellamy First Floor (need we say more)
  6. Williams and Diffenbaugh (connected by a corridor but they also each feature shower curtains as bathroom stall doors)
  7. Fisher Lecture Hall
  8. HCB (specifically first floor, but we’ve all been there, and have all suffered through it)

 Courtesy: FSU Libraries 

With the benefits and doubts of Florida State, it has still been our home and will be our home for years to come. We have obstacles in our way, like dirty bathrooms, and all-nighters, but all in all, we conquer it together as a Nole Nation.