FSU 2013 Homecoming Chief and Princess: Gerald Law II and Sara Saxner

I’m proud to introduce you to your 2013 Homecoming Chief and Princess! Gerald Law and Sara Saxner completely embody what it means to be a Florida State Seminole. From their strong energy and positive attitudes to their dedication to on-campus organizations and the university as a whole, Law and Saxner make perfect sense for Homecoming Chief and Princess. 

The crowning of the Homecoming Chief and Princess is one of the most longstanding traditions at Florida State University. When asked what it means to be Homecoming Chief and Princess, both students agree it’s a representation of your service to the Florida State community. “Being elected Homecoming Princess signifies ones embodiment of a true Seminole through upholding our school’s motto of strength, skill, and character,” Saxner explains. “It’s a representation of the respect and trust that your peers have for you, and it is the legacy you leave behind that serves as a testament of your work to better our university and its students,” Law says.

Aside from being outstandingly talented and involved on campus, Law and Saxner are both agreeably down to earth and genuine. They opened up to Her Campus about their experiences during the Homecoming Chief and Princess process, as well as what’s next for them and some fun facts about themselves. 

Her Campus (HC): What made you interested in running for Homecoming Chief and Princess?

Gerald Law (GL): My fraternity brothers and I were having a conversation one day and they felt that I would be a great representation of our university. After this conversation, I decided that the honor of just being on court was worth the effort.

Sara Saxner (SS): I became interested in running through people reaching out to me, emphasizing that I represent what it means to be a Florida State Seminole.

HC: What positive contributions to the campus do you think made you a prime candidate for the title?

GL: Being a music major would have to be my top contribution. As a student in a college that is most often separated from campus, I worked to bridge the gap by getting involved in student government and inviting students to our concerts and showcases. I also believe my work as president of Garnet & Gold Key Leadership Honorary Society really helped me stand out.

SS: I believe I made an ideal candidate because of what I represent and the person I am every day. Since I have arrived at Florida State University, I have trailblazed my own path. I have never compromised my authenticity for the approval of others. I realized that I invest myself in organizations where I think I can make a difference in the group or the people involved. I have worked hard and through leading by example in every aspect of my life, I do my best to ensure that every student I come into contact with feels special.