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Floral Patterns: Rules To Wear And Rock ‘Em

“Florals in spring? How original” – Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada. With spring essentially already being here, it’s time to put away your dark colored, limited pattern winter clothes and once again break out the bright, multi-colored floral prints from the back of your closet. Now don’t get too excited and overdo it, dear reader. Just because florals are the pattern for springtime doesn’t mean you get to go around looking like a florist shop. Follow these five simple rules and you will be sure to rock the floral pattern.

Do not mix floral patterns.

This is the number one rule when it comes to rocking the floral pattern. I cannot tell you how many times I have been around campus and have seen different girls dressed in numerous floral patterns from head to toe that did not mesh well together at all. Remember, floral patterns are meant to be light, fun, and feminine- don’t try and wear a whole garden.

Find the right accent color of the floral pattern to accessorize and coordinate with.

Many of the floral patterns I own have numerous colors within them, making it kind of difficult to accessorize. Instead of trying to bring out every single color in the print, focus on one to coordinate with, and you will have much better luck and an easier time accessorizing.

Less is more.

Now that it’s springtime, you may be telling yourself, “Wear all the floral patterns.” However, dear reader, do not forget that less can be more. You might end up getting a great deal on a scarf, skirt, and purse that are all fantastic floral designs in similar colors and you may think to yourself, “Oh I can totally pull this off.” Wrong. Don’t overdo it on the floral patterns. Going along with our first principal rule of rocking floral patterns, it’s usually very hard to match floral patterns, even if the colors are similar. What I suggest is to save each piece and rock them separately, that way instead of getting one outfit out of your purchase, you can have maybe two or three, so in the end, less truly is more.

Do not mix with other patterns.

In the past, I was the absolute worse with this rule. I thought it was being “trendy” mixing different patterns together and making an outfit my own. Wrong. I just looked like I stepped off of the hot mess express. So please, dear reader, do not mix floral prints with stripes, tribal prints, or any other pattern. Let the floral print be your chief print and you will be sure to rock it.

Be confident.

Overall, the most important rule when it comes to wearing floral prints is to be confident! Confidence is what makes an outfit complete. So when you’re getting ready for the day and starting to show off your new floral print piece, wear it with confidence, and you will definitely feel better about rocking your fabulous spring look. 

Hi, my name is Hilary. I am a graduate student at The Florida State University, studying Urban and Regional Planning. I completed my undergraduate studies in International Affairs. I am very interested in global issues and plan to join the Peace Corps in 2014. I enjoy spending time with friends, music, movies, and following my favorite sports teams.
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