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Recapping Every Performance at Panhellenic’s FSU Linedance 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

There’s no question that FSU has a lively Greek community. One of the largest Greek events that’s put on at FSU, Linedance, took place on Wednesday, April 2 and as always, didn’t disappoint. With all 17 Panhellenic chapters participating and a fun intermission, the entire crowd had a great time.

Now for the good part. I’ll be recapping each chapter’s arrangement in performance order from start to finish. First, I have to give a special mention to the lovely hosts of the event: Katie Fites from Alpha Delta Pi and Joseph Keyser from Pi Kappa Alpha.

alpha chi omega

The first performance of the night was Alpha Chi Omega with a Mamma Mia!-themed performance. They managed to fit all of the iconic Mamma Mia! hits into one mashup (which was an automatic win in my book). They gave us Greek vacation and more, starting the competition up hot.

gamma phi beta

The second performance of the night was by Gamma Phi Beta. They had a “Material Girl” theme which showed through their bright pink and black costumes. When they said material girl, they meant it. They served, ate, and left no crumbs.

alpha omicron pi

Alpha Omicron Pi was up next with the theme of Alpha O Disco, and they definitely brought the disco tunes. They provided fun music and a chance for every member to show off their best moves under the spotlights. The ending of their performance is where you really got to see their sisterhood shine through as they all went in for group hugs. Cute!

kappa delta

Next up was Kappa Delta surprising the crowd by bringing out a wedding arch. They blew us away with their don’t-need-no-man attitude and mash-up while dancing in wedding veils. They also impressed the crowd with their ability to take on such fast-paced choreography.

sigma delta tau

We’ll all be seeing Sigma Delta Tau in our sleep tonight with their dream/fantasy theme. Bringing us all of our favorite late summer night songs, they gave a sweet performance. Their costumes fit their sweet choreography as they wore flowing pastel purple dresses.

kappa kappa gamma

The ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma gave us a killer performance with their American Psycho theme. They did not disappoint. At one point, one of the dancers even started swinging around a fake axe. It was a “murder on the dance floor.”

alpha gamma delta

Alpha Gamma Delta stunned us all with their Britney Spears theme and metallic red costumes. Using an elevated surface as a prop, they were able to spotlight individual dancers, giving them their pop-star moment. Their mash-up included all the best Britney songs that had everyone saying “Oops… do it again” at the end of their performance.

pi beta phi

The last performance before the intermission was Pi Beta Phi. They rolled out the red carpet with their Hollywood glitz and glamour theme. The biggest wow moment of their performance was at the very beginning when they dropped their black robes to reveal bright red two-piece outfits underneath. All the dancers kept high energy the entire performance, giving it some fire and keeping the crowd yelling.


During the intermission, there were opportunities for audience members to win gift cards and raise money for their team by answering trivia questions correctly. There was also a performance by Eric Olsen, who did some magic and comedy and even brought audience members onstage to participate in a few tricks. The show was back to action in no time after the short break and the crowd was ready for more.

delta zeta

Delta Zeta was the first performance after the intermission with a sweet theme: Candy Land. Giving us a stellar hip-hop section with fun choreography, they weren’t ones to underestimate. They even changed their costume mid-performance by removing their cargo pants hiding the rest of their pink bodysuits underneath.

alpha phi

Next came Alpha Phi blasting us off with their space theme. Their costumes were simply gorgeous, having mesh long sleeves and pant legs with rhinestone detailing which really played into the idea of space and stars. Their mash-up definitely had a bit of techno-sounding influence with the combination of their dark moody lighting.

phi mu

A theme many didn’t expect to see at this year’s event was Phi Mu’s Michael Jackson theme. Their costumes stayed true to the Michael Jackson theme by using different textures, fabrics, and cutouts. They brought the energy of each of Michael Jackson’s songs to the stage in different ways to create an amazing routine.

delta delta delta

Twelfth in the lineup was Delta Delta Delta with a money theme (because hey, they know what us girlies want). They also went through an offstage outfit change removing their blazers and then putting them back on while performing. Ending their performance with the continuation of the song that began the mashup gave us the perfect finale.

The last five performances of the night were the top five teams from the previous year, so the pressure was on.

delta gamma

Delta Gamma started off those last five performances with a futuristic theme. Their tagline, “The future is DG,” will be stuck in your head all night because of how catchy it is. Their costuming was on point down to their futuristic sunglasses which only stayed on shortly (for good reason).

chi omega

Moving onto the final four, Chi Omega was up next doing an angel theme, which naturally began with a “Good morning Charlie.” With strobing lights and high-beat songs, the show may have been getting close to the end, but the liveliness had just gotten started. They had great timing and worked in sync showing us how the angels do it.

alpha delta pi

Alpha Delta Pi was next, performing a Beyoncé theme which immediately proved to be a showstopper with their bedazzled bodysuits. They were stunning as they all moved in such unity that will not be soon forgotten. I can’t speak for Beyoncé, but everyone who watched this performance can probably agree that she would approve.

kappa alpha theta

Kappa Alpha Theta took the stage giving us a fantasy theme and delving into the subconscious. They had such a fun music mashup that really gave us a little bit of everything, and their dancing did the same taking aspects from several different dance styles.

zeta tau alpha

Last but not least was Zeta Tau Alpha, last year’s reigning champions, with a very anticipated performance. Their theme of love was emphasized by a large heart with lights going around it. Their high-paced choreography kept the crowd going and was a great way to end the performances.

As the affair came to an end, they revealed the amount of money raised: over $317,000, a new record for the Linedance event. The winners were then announced: Kappa Delta in fifth place, Delta Gamma in fourth place, Alpha Delta Pi in third place, Phi Mu coming in second, and Kappa Alpha Theta coming in first. As for individual awards: Pi Lambda Phi was granted the Rooster Puffs Award; Morgan Grilliot in Alpha Phi was granted the Captain’s Award; and Isabella Alvarez in Kappa Alpha Theta was granted the Mo Cookies Majesty Award.

Congratulations to all those who participated and to all the award winners! If you want to learn more about Linedance, click here or visit their Instagram.

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From Naples, FL Kaitlyn is a student at FSU majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. During her time at FSU she’s worked on the undergraduate literary staff before moving up to the masthead as well as being apart of the Beta Mu Gamma Phi Beta chapter.