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A Newbie’s Guide to Keeping Plants in a Tiny Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Last year when I moved into my college apartment for the first time, I had one main goal: turn my room into a beautiful, magical, Pinterest-worthy, plant dreamland. Turns out it’s a little easier said than done. Getting into plants was tough because I quickly found out that they were a little more fragile than I had anticipated. But then I realized it’s just a matter of knowing a few key things about being a plant parent.

Best Plants

One of the major parts of having a healthy plant baby is figuring out what plants are the lowest maintenance and fit into your space.

  • Let’s start basic. Succulents are some of the hardest plants to kill and they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to match whatever vibe you’re going for. While they are generally pretty low maintenance, there are a few rules to keeping them alive and looking their best. Additionally, succulents are highly accessible, you can find them at most home improvement and gardening stores.
  • Another great option, specifically for a dorm room, is a pothos plant. Pothos plants, commonly called “devil’s ivy,” require very little light to survive and you only need to water them every one to two weeks. These are easy plant babies for freshmen who just moved into a dorm or anyone who needs to brighten up a small space.
  • If you’re looking for something a little bigger to fill up some floor space, consider a Chinese evergreen plant, formally known as an Aglaonema. These come in a variety of pretty colors and are sure to spice up any dorm or apartment space. Make sure to be careful with this plant if you have pets because the leaves contain materials that are toxic to humans and animals.
  • Snake plants are a staple for new plant parents. Their unique, spikey look makes them instantly recognizable, and they require minimal care. When paired with a cute pot, they make adorable additions to any room, no matter how small.
  • A prayer plant was the first plant that I got for my own apartment and she’s still thriving and growing. Prayer plants are super pretty, with geometric patterns running up the leaves. They’re also super cute because they fold up in the evening like a pair of hands, hence the name, “prayer plant.”
  • For a bit more of a floral look, you should go for a Christmas cactus, a cute little green, leafy cactus that blooms pink flowers in the winter months. When cared for well, these plants can be super charming in a small space.

Best places to get plants

  • One place you can almost always get plants is a home improvement store — think a local Walmart garden section, Lowes, or Home Depot. These are very general, small plants, so you might not get a wide variety of plants if that’s what you’re looking for, but you’ll definitely have some solid options for beginners.
  • In Tallahassee, there are several cute plant stores where you can go find the plant of your dreams. One of these is Tallahassee Nurseries. This huge garden center has practically everything you’ll need to start your plant parent journey, from pots to soil to a crazy variety of plants. Everyone who works there is also very helpful if you have any questions concerning any plants. Plus, if you visit you might catch a glimpse of the cute little cats that sunbathe in the gardens.
  • Another local spot where you can get lots of cute plants is NorthFlora Collective, located in Railroad Square right by Florida State University’s campus. This smaller, locally owned shop is not only the actual cutest spot on the planet, but also a great place to start for anyone just starting to get into plants. Luckily for Florida State students, they also make a few appearances at Market Wednesdays early on in the year!

If you’re just getting started getting into plants this year, just know that there’s so much to be excited about. Your room will be looking like a Pinterest-worthy plant home so soon!

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