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In 2019, the media went wild after one of the most famous boybands announced their reunion. The Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins tour had adults reliving their “glory days” while singing to some of their top hits, including “Year 3000” in concert.

Now, Generation Z gets to relive their youth as well. Big Time Rush (BTR), the popular boy band from the hit Nickelodeon TV show, announced that they will be reuniting for two live concerts in December 2021. After a seven-year hiatus, fans will get to experience all four of our favorite boys back in action!

Big Time Rush was a popular TV show which ran from 2009 to 2014, starring actors Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos PenaVega and James Maslow. The show followed four hockey players from Minnesota and their rise to fame after getting signed by big-time producer Gustavo Rocque. The TV show was a lighthearted comedy that shows teenagers as they navigate through fame, school, relationships and more.

The “Worldwide” singers announced via multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, that they would be reuniting to the joy and excitement of fans everywhere. Sadly, these shows will be only held in Chicago and New York City, so no Tallahassee show (a girl can only dream). But the shows are during our winter break, so any New York or Illinois natives are in luck, while those of us who hail from different states are only a flight away!

All four actors and singers are taking a break from their personal lives to step back into a role, so let’s learn a bit about what they have been doing since Big Time Rush ended. While the original tickets are completely sold out, you can find tickets sold by “Verified Resellers” on Ticketmaster.

Many do not know, but after the band broke up in 2014, Kendall Schmidt rejoined a duo he was in before Big Time Rush called Heffron Drive; with them, he released new music from 2014-2018. He continued acting by starring in Nickelodeon’s School of Rock. He is currently in a relationship with trainer Micaela von Turkovich.

After BTR broke up, Logan Henderson took a break from the spotlight for three years. In 2017, he released his first solo single, “Sleepwalker.” He later released an EP titled, Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams.

Carlos PenaVega stayed in the spotlight after the band took a hiatus. He released a couple of singles but more notably starred as Kenickie in Fox’s Grease Live! In 2014 he married Alexa PenaVega, who played Carmen in Spy Kids; the two share three children and competed against each other on Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars.

James Maslow had his debut acting role on iCarly before landing Big Time Rush. In 2014, he starred in season 18 of Dancing with the Stars, where he finished in fourth place. After his brief “dancing career,” he released a couple of singles and even an album. In 2018, he starred in season one of Celebrity Big Brother. He is currently dating model Maitlin Shey Spears.

While our favorite boy band may only be coming back together for two shows, they will always hold a special place in our hearts. And, who knows? Maybe this will inspire them to release one more album!

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