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Up until this year, I had not made time to play video games. The older I got, the less I felt that I could justify purchasing gaming consoles. That was until Animal Crossing released their limited-edition Nintendo Switch. It was a sign from the heavens. My inner child took my adult credit card, inputted my information and boom, I was now the owner of a Nintendo Switch.

As I’m sure many others can relate, the pandemic would soon allow us the opportunity to revisit our childhood interests while giving us an excuse to play guilt-free. Gaming was no longer associated with being a waste of time; instead, it suddenly became my only escape from this weird reality we’re currently living in. Here are some of the games that make me feel like I’m 10 again:

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing
Photo by Sara Kurfeß from Unsplash

Animal Crossing has been a fan favorite game since its initial release in 2001. I fell in love with this game at the young age of six when Wild World was released for the DS. This game is the definition of cozy vibes as the world takes time with you allowing you to focus on the little things. With no real “mission” except to make your island pretty, this game insists nothing more from you than to be enjoyed.

This latest version of the game can be enjoyed alone or with others as the developers worked to ensure this game could be played with multiple players. Animal Crossing’s March release reminds me of the whipped coffee stage in quarantine and allowed me to meet new people in an age where you can’t do it in-person. 

2. Stardew Valley

This game has been my latest obsession and I’m honestly ashamed I didn’t pick it up sooner. Stardew Valley is the definition of cozy with its small-town cuteness and relaxing cottage core vibes. The game starts with you moving to your grandpa’s farm in the town of Stardew Valley with your main objective being to fix the Community Center. However, this game has more charm than just finishing your tasks, as you can take time to farm, mine, fish and get to know the other villagers.

The best part of Stardew is that there’s a ton of hidden aspects to the game making the world seem endless. I personally love to give gifts to the other town people and build those relationships. Who knows if you might unlock some hidden dialogue or marry one of the many available bachelors!

3. Minecraft

We all know Minecraft, whether you used to hate on it in middle school or had an ex obsess over it. This game isn’t just for “boys”, however, it’s a relaxing game that can at times push your patience. The block design of the game makes it really unique with its first-person view, making you feel invested in the world around you. If you like mining, foraging, building or anything of the sort—this game is for you.

4. A Short Hike

The definition of short and sweet. This indie game radiates positivity with a beautiful storyline and hilarious dialogue to match. There’s only one goal for the game but that doesn’t take away from how well-crafted of an experience the game is from the gameplay to the music.

5. Super Mario Party

Is this game cozy? Maybe not but it definitely is a classic. Mario Party is pure chaotic fun and can be enjoyed in a group. I love this game because it brings my roommates and me together giving us something to talk about besides COVID-19. Whether you like Mario Party or consider yourself more of a Mario Kart person, there really is no wrong when buying any Mario game.

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