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Five Countries Americans Can Travel To at the Moment

For many people throughout the United States, 2020 has been a year of compromise and chaos, from the Australian Wildfires in January to COVID-19 spreading throughout the world in just a few months. Whilst some individuals took this time to dedicate themselves to new hobbies like baking and knitting, others took the time to fantasize about a time when they could travel again. Now, even though the United States currently leads the world with 6.3 million confirmed cases, traveling is still a major possibility for Americans. Below are five countries that are currently allowing American travelers and what the requirements are to enter the country.

1. Bahamas

All of the Bahamian Islands are open for travel. The crystal clear ocean and baby pigs are ready for tourists to experience their paradise. Travelers must complete an application that entails a health screening of COVID-19, which requires tourists to submit copies of a negative “molecular swab” test. The application takes about three days to process. Upon arrival, whether by plane or by sea, the traveler must show the approved application email to be granted access into the country.

2. Brazil

Brazil recently opened up its borders to those who are traveling by plane. Tourists can now experience the white sand beaches and Brazilian culture once they are granted access by the Federal Police. In order to obtain access into the country, the traveler needs to show proof of insurance coverage in Brazil throughout the entirety of their trip. 

3. Croatia

This Mediterranean country, known for its relaxing nature and Game of Thrones cameos, is open to Americans as long as they show proof of a negative COVID-19 exam taken 48 hours before arrival. The guidelines further state that if there is no negative result, then the tourist can take one upon arrival at their own expense and must quarantine until the results come back.

4. Ecuador

From canyoning on waterfalls to relaxing on sandy beaches, this small country has plenty to offer. Their current guidelines state that visitors must have a negative test taken at least 10 days prior to be allowed into their country. With this result, you are allowed to enter without having to go through quarantine. If a negative test cannot be shown, then a mandatory self-quarantine at a hotel, motel or hostel will be enforced at the traveler's expense. They will also have to take a COVID-19 exam at their expense.

5. Mexico

Although the Mexico-USA land border will remain closed until Sep. 21, one can still travel by plane. Tourists can now visit the Mayan ruins and experience the diverse culture once again. The requirements for this country state that tourists may have their temperature checked upon arrival. Additionally, they may have to undergo other health examinations if deemed fit. Those experiencing symptoms will be asked to undergo voluntary quarantine. They recommend that if anyone has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 and/or is experiencing symptoms to reconsider rescheduling for the safety of themselves and others.

[bf_image id="nrbqkw5bfqm7wwpbmgjhmh"] The coronavirus has taken the world by storm with over 28 million cases reported worldwide. As some countries begin to reopen their borders to foreigners, it is important to keep in mind that COVID-19 spreads fairly easily. According to the CDC, traveling during the pandemic puts everyone at risk. They state that “staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.” For those who decide to travel, they recommend practicing social distancing when possible, wearing a mask and actively washing and/or sanitizing your hands.

For those who feel comfortable and ready to explore the world again, but are worried about the restrictions, the list above gives insight to the guidelines for five different countries. There are still many others that are allowing Americans to step on their soil. To find further information, look at the US Embassy website for the corresponding country you wish to visit.

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Michelle is currently a junior from Miami, Fl pursuing a degree within the IMS program for Clinical Professions. She is a Harry Styles enthusiast who spends way too much time daydreaming about living in a small village in Italy.
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