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The First Day Back as Told by the Kardashians

It may be the worst time of the year. It’s the time we are forced to wave goodbye to our beautiful sandy beaches and our booze cruises full of fun as we make the awful drive back to Tallahassee. Yes, Spring Break is over and we’re going back to school.

You finally arrive in Tallahassee and the first thing you meet is Tennessee Street traffic. Nothing gets you in a better mood than a street full of people who, even with college degrees, still don’t know how to drive.

Then as soon as you get to your apartment, you realize you haven’t gone food shopping in 3 weeks and all you have is some hummus and some weird looking bread.

But after a run to Newks, you are finally fed and can hit the hay to be ready for your first day back.

Until you realized all the work you may or may not have ignored on your cruise.

Then the next day comes and you see your professor that assigned 3 chapters of reading over break.

And then that same professor decides to surprise you with a quiz on the reading.

And when they finally figure out that no student actually did the reading, they decide to spend the rest of the time lecturing about how school is more important than Spring Break.

After what seems to be years, you finally leave that class, but you still have that one friend who is bragging about how she actually did the reading.

But you finally realize that you couldn’t care less because you survived the first day back.

And even the worst days are the best days when you go to FSU.

Malory is an overachieving free spirit with a severe pasta addiction who is trying to change the world. Interest include human rights, coffee, and bad TV.Location: Underwater 
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