#findyourjoy Through the Magic of joy Razors

Picture this: You step out of the shower after spending nearly half an hour trying to make sure you got the perfect shave. Everything seems about right; no nicks, no patches of missed hair. But as the steam clears up you notice you’re covered in razor bumps and irritation. We've all been there. Luckily, throughout my life, I finally found the key to smooth, bump-free, hair-free legs. And it's available at Walmart!

Courtesy: joy

joy has some of the best razors I have ever used! They’re available in both pink and teal, meaning it will match any bathroom aesthetic. It contains five blades, which according to shaving science are what give you a comfortable shave. They have a non-slip grip handle, so you can avoid dropping joy on any questionable locker room shower floors. The Protective Lubrastrip, which sounds pretty sci-fi but is 100% a real word, helps avoid irritation while shaving, leaving your legs as smooth as a baby’s bum. Who doesn’t want perfectly smooth legs?

Refillable joy blade cartridges come in eight and four packs which means you won’t have to go to the store for more for a hot minute. Four refill cartridges mean you’re four times more likely to have a refill when you need them. Say goodbye to the days when you can’t shave because you don’t have a fresh razor ready! joy would make an amazing gift for anyone with body hair who doesn’t already own a joy razor.

Don’t even get me started on how the glee mousse changed my shaving life. glee is a rich, luxurious shave mousse, which sounds fancy and well, that’s because it is. The summer lily scent, which will still smell like summer lilies throughout fall and winter, is probably my personal favorite. The glee gel, also one of my favorites, allows consumers to experience the luxury of a rich cucumber aloe-scented shave even if you’re in your not-at-all-cucumber-scented dorm’s communal shower. The cucumber aloe scent even smells silky smooth! To experience glee, distribute the mousse or gel onto wet skin. Shave, rinse, and get on to more important things, like finishing a season of that show you are really into right now (Hurray for more Sex and the City time!). The glee shaving mousse and gel will make shaving the smoothest thing you will do all day. 

The dynamic duo of glee and joy work well together, not only because they are synonyms, but because they are a razor and shave mousse focused on providing you with the smoothest shave possible.

Courtesy: Level Events

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