Finding Happiness in Hygge

In this day and age, it's easy to get caught up in our fast-paced lives. With work, school and extracurriculars, we find ourselves frantically grasping for moments of calm in our hectic lives. The Danes, however, have figured out a way to balance it all, giving them the reputation of the happiest country. Their solution: hygge, or the art of making your life cozy. After reading several books and articles, and more importantly “hyggifying” my own life, I have compiled a list of all the ways to find happiness in hygge.


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Leave it Behind

Perhaps the biggest reason the Danes are so happy is that they know how to be off the clock. In our goal-driven society, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind. But ask any Girl Boss, and they'll tell you the secret to doing it all is knowing when to relax. And relaxing is what hygge is all about. Whether it's game night with your closest friends or going on a picnic, it's important to take time for yourself.


When it comes to taking a break, this also applies to breaking from our society's fruits and veggie craze. I'm not saying you should only eat chocolate for the next five days, but don't be afraid to enjoy a slice of cake after dinner. Cake is such an important part of the Danish culture that they have Kagemand, the cake man who is a huge hit at birthday parties! What's more hygge than eating cake? Baking it yourself. Taking time to cook something from scratch, especially with friends or family, is the ultimate hygge evening.


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Revamp Your Space

There's a reason the Danes are known for their interior design. You've probably heard the idea that your physical state affects your mental state, probably when your mom tried to convince you to put away the growing monster of clothes that littered your floor. But, she was right. The essentials when hyggifying your space: warm lighting, cozy rugs and blankets and, of course, a hyggekrog, the nook in your kitchen or living room dedicated to hygge.

Practice Gratitude

Part of being happy is being thankful for what you already have. Practicing gratitude has been proven to have both psychological and physical benefits. Keep a journal and write down three things you're grateful for before you go to bed every night; make sure you're switching up your answers and being creative. Instead of just writing that you're thankful for attending FSU, describe exactly what you love about it. Is it the cute golden retriever you saw on Landis or maybe the sea of garnet and gold that engulfs you at a football game? By practicing gratitude for the little things, you'll shift your mindset and ultimately be happier in the long run!


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Come Together

Perhaps the easiest way to have hyggelig or hygge-like time is spending many moments with people you love. Happiness researchers found a huge correlation between people's satisfaction in their relationships and their overall happiness. Invite your friends for a hygge evening. Whether you're baking a meal from scratch or just binging Netflix in your hyggekrog, spending time with others will definitely be that mood-boost you need after a long day.

It's no secret why the Danes are known as the happiest people. We can all take a lesson from the Danes and spend more time appreciating the little things and incorporating hygge into our everyday lives.