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“Five weeks” …That is the mantra and countdown most college students adopt as we wind down the last few weeks of the fall semester. It seems short, yet it is the most dreadful and busiest time of the semester. It is the calm before the storm as every college student prepares for the late-night study grinds filled with endless amounts of caffeine as he/she frantically writes and studies for those dreaded final exams. It honestly feels like a never-ending marathon, especially since midterms just happened two weeks ago, and they gave us a preview of what is to come at the end of these five weeks. Personally, throughout midterms, I have never written so much in my life as three out of my five classes were English-based courses. What makes this time in the semester even more difficult is the fact that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. “It is the most wonderful time of the year,” and yet, I am sure I am not the only one questioning my ability to finish off this semester with a bang!

Do not fret though! I have established a few tips for each day of the week to help readers navigate through these final weeks of the semester. 

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Motivation Monday

Ugh, Mondays…don’t we just dread them? It is the start of the week, and I encourage you to start the day and the week with an open mind. Open those Target agendas and plan out the rest of your week. Set to-do lists for each day and incorporate “mini” goals as you go about your day. Whether it is getting an assignment done or studying for a certain number of hours throughout the day, encourage yourself to get the little things done in order to accomplish the end goal. It’s Monday, get motivated!

Tasty Tuesday

Now that Monday has come and gone, it’s important to keep your Tuesday just as busy and goal-oriented. If you did not accomplish your “mini” goals for Monday, there are still four days of the workweek left. Tuesday is the perfect day to treat yourself and complete assignments at a local Starbucks. Being in the apartment all day can cause me to get a bit unmotivated. However, by changing scenery, I gain some motivation. Also, when I drink my hot latte, it tends to put me in a better mood. It might be a mental thing, but I feel more productive as I sip my coffee in one hand and cross things off my to-do lists with the other hand. Treat yourself and keep your focus!

Workout Wednesday

You are halfway through the week and one day closer to the weekend. Usually, I like to incorporate a 50-minute or hour workout throughout my day. This allows me to take some time for myself and focus on my mental and physical health. There is nothing better than getting in a good workout. When studying becomes overwhelming, I encourage you to take a break, put on your favorite workout fit and get your body moving!

Thriving Thursday

It is Friday Junior! By now, the weekend is at your fingertips. Don’t lose your motivation. There is only one more day left, and it will only pay off in the end. Look over your week’s to-do list and finish what you want to complete. There is nothing better than seeing an empty to-do list on Canvas.

Happy Friday

Woohoo, we made it! It is time to enjoy the weekend and embrace the holiday season that’s to come. Put on your favorite Hallmark movie and surround yourself with friends and family. Even though the weeks can be busy, don’t forget to enjoy the season. It is important to take a break and unwind over the weekend.

So, there you have it! A few tips to get things done throughout the week. Yes, midterms were challenging and exhausting, but don’t give up. See the light at the end of the tunnel, and remember, only five weeks left before true freedom.

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Hi everyone! My name is Sofia Cabrera, and I am majoring in English and double minoring in education and hospitality management at Florida State University. As someone who is passionate for writing, I hope to use this platform as a way to share my experiences and have others learn about things that interest me and have influenced my life.
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