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Fantasy suites are always the second juiciest part of any Bachelor season, topped only by the Women Tell All. However, we have to make an exception for this season of The Bachelor, given the highly talked about virginity of Bachelor Colton Underwood, and the even more talked about fence jump of the season! We knew the episode would be a crazy one, but boy did ABC DELIVER. The first fantasy suite date of the night’s episode went to Tayshia. Colton specified in one of his confessionals that if throughout the day he felt that Tayshia was really the one he would be ready to lose his virginity. He has told her multiple times throughout the season that he is falling in love with her, but when it comes to a deal as big as his virginity, Colton really needed to be sure. After a steamy little helicopter ride and a cute picnic set up on a cliff in Portugal, Tayshia made it very clear that she was more than ready to take the next step in her relationship with Colton. When they transitioned from their cliffside date to their dinner date, Colton seemed to be shaking in his little virgin boots; he couldn’t sit still or look straight! Bachelor Nation was very curious about whether Tayshia being the first one picked for fantasy suites meant anything in particular; could she be the girl Colton wanted to lose his virginity to deep down inside? The girl he wants to propose to when the whole season is over?

The conversation between the two took a more serious turn than expected when Tayshia talked about the reason that her first marriage didn’t work out: her partner was unfaithful to her. It was obvious that this caused Tayshia some insecurity issues, both within herself and in her relationships, and she talked about regaining her sense of self after getting divorced.  Things were a little down when the not-so-mysterious fantasy suite invitation and key showed up to the dinner table to turn the whole mood around. Tayshia’s whole face lit up, and Colton was a little more than blushing as he asked Tayshia if she wanted to join him in the suite.

Back at the suite, the two lovebirds ate some chocolate and strawberries, drank some champagne, and closed the doors right on the cameras. Although it was the first time the two spent the night together, Tayshia made it obvious that they did not take their levels of intimacy to actually having sex. Tayshia felt pretty confident in their relationship and their night together. Colton’s last few words of the night were that he felt good about Tayshia, but he didn’t feel fully in love with her yet.



The next fantasy suite of the episode was Cassie, and it’s no secret that Colton feels the strongest for this piece of California sunshine! The two had breakfast in a cute little plaza somewhere in Portugal and then spent the rest of their day making out in every back alley they could find. Talk about not being able to keep their hands off of each other! Colton’s main issue with Cassie thus far has been that despite the obvious connection Cassie has been unable to fully tell him how she feels. While they were rendezvousing all over town Colton let it slip that when he asked her dad for her hand in marriage, her dad said he couldn’t approve because their relationship was so short, and he didn’t know Colton well enough. Cassie is very close to her family, so hearing that anyone as close to her as her own father didn’t feel sure about Colton sent her spiraling. She didn’t have any outward reactions but the confusion was brewing deep inside her, setting up quite the scenario to send Colton hurdling over fences, I would say.

If this wasn’t a total wrench in the plan all of Bachelor Nation had of seeing Colton propose to Cassie in a week’s time, her dad Matt showed up at her hotel door in Portugal. Boy, do these Bachelor producers know how to stir the pot! Cassie had a heartfelt conversation with her dad about all the doubts she was having, and about how she doesn’t feel how her mom and her dad felt about their relationship. Cassie wants an effortless and confident relationship, and it seems that the process of having to date someone who is dating 20 other women and then accepting a proposal in a few short weeks just wasn’t the way she saw herself falling in love. When it seemed that all was perfectly well, that her father had given her the talk she needed and she was ready to move forward, she dropped the BOMB none of us were expecting: that she needed to send herself home. Meanwhile, Colton was in another confessional professing that Cassie was the one for him…you’d think this close to the end of the season they would be on the same page!

When she sat down outside of the fantasy suite with Colton to give him the bad news, we all knew it wasn’t going to end well- especially so because he had his fence jumping outfit on. Even after resolving to send herself home, Cassie still had mixed feelings about what to do all because Colton made it clear he believed she was the one for him. The one problem for everyone in Bachelor Nation at the moment is that Cassie actively applied to be on this show that involves fast-paced dating, and then she felt unready when it came down to the last episode of the whole thing. Colton was frustrated, but he couldn’t let her go home without putting up a fight. Colton was brought to the shakes when he was telling Cassie that proposal or not, he wanted her standing with him at the end of this because he was that sure of their relationship and being in love with her.

Nothing that Colton said could convince Cassie that staying was a good option. Even after she made it clear she couldn’t continue in this relationship with him, he said he wasn’t going to stop fighting for her. We have to give Colton an A for effort, but if she’s saying she’s not in love with him, what is a man to DO? Cassie got in her car and drove away in full blown tears, leaving Colton not knowing what to do with himself…except run away from Chris Harrison and jump the infamous fence! We have to admit that the whole thing was a bit anti-climactic. The best part was that we now have a bachelor on the loose in Portugal, and we have no idea what he’s going to do next. Also, where the heck is Hannah G.??? Tune in to ABC tonight at 8 PM for the Women Tell All before the two-part season finale next week!

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