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As the start of the 2020 presidential election is around the corner, there have been plenty of candidates on our radar, one of the most talked-about being Bernie Sanders. Now, as many of you may know, Sanders was a running candidate in the 2016 presidential election for the Democratic Party but was later outnumbered by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. However, as this new election approaches, Sanders seems to have gained a generous following of loyal supporters. So, without further ado here are some fast facts on Bernie Sanders, as well as the policies that he stands for in this upcoming presidential election.

His plans on saving the planet

Courtesy: NPC Daily

Bernie has come up with “The Green New Deal” which describes his plan to acquire 100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation, declaring Climate Change as a national emergency, rejoining the Paris Agreement, among many other movements as well.

Education for All, regardless of family income

Courtesy: Odyssey

As a way to provide free, quality education for all young people here in America, Bernie proposes to pass the College for All Act, allowing the government to provide at least $48 billion to eliminate student debt, tuition and college expenses at public four-year colleges, universities, and trade schools. Thus, giving the younger generation an actual chance of getting free education regardless of their social and economic background.

Care for Our Veterans as a Moral Responsibility

Courtesy: The Wall Street Journal

As a way to care for our Veterans, Sanders plans to expand the Veterans Affairs by providing more funds to give the full care they need. This includes comprehensive dental care, mental health support, as well as to make sure that their families’ health is well-taken care of.

Carry out stricter gun legislations

Courtesy: EIN News

Bernie believes it is time to stop the corruption that he argues guns and the NRA are bringing to the government and he plans to stop this by expanding background checks on potential gun owners, ban the purchasing of assault rifles, as well as prohibit the gun-show loophole.

Reasonable Immigration Reform

Courtesy: Progreso Hispano News

Being a son from immigrant parents, he believes it is time to provide a path to citizenship, as well as the opportunity to provide legal status for those in DACA. As a way to reshape immigration, he wishes to completely restructure ICE so that there is a decrease in family separation.

Transform Foreign Policy in favor of the American People

Courtesy: California Montessori Project

Bernie plans to end the US involvement in the Afghanistan war that has been in effect for the past 18 years, as well as end the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. Moreover, he plans to issue more humanity-centered policies that focus on health, diplomacy, peace and human rights, so that there won’t be a continuous war.

All in all, Bernie Sanders has proposed these specific plans and ideas as a reflection of his moral standings and his views on reoccurring issues here in the United States. Hopefully, with these fast facts, we may all get to know Bernie a little better, as well as gain knowledge on the potential 2020 presidential election candidates!

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