Fashion Tips for Your Most Extra Spring Break Yet

To some, Spring Break is a time to go home and see family, unwind and relax your mind. But if you’re anything like me, Spring Break is a time to go all out, regret nothing and most importantly, SLAY EVERYDAY. Here are some fashion tips so you can look extra af while on your Spring Break trip this year.

Body jewelry is a great way to glimmer amongst the impaired degenerates during Spring Break. They have body jewelry for your arms, ankles, head and ones that lay along your chest or back. I personally love layering my jewelry so this body chain paired with several other necklaces looks elegant but extra af!

You can tell a lot from a person by what bag they carry. Especially if you’re going to spend Spring Break on white sand you need a bag that makes a statement. For the easy going girl with a crisp style, this palm leaves tote is perfect and also gives great beachy vibes. While this white, sea shell bag is just stunning. The pale color makes it somewhat subtle but the shells and minor details make it extra af but perfect for your spring break trip. For the wild girl with a love for bright colors this colorful pom-pom bag will make you the center of attention all throughout the boardwalk.

One of my favorite sunglass trends of 2017 are colored wireless sunnies. These glasses are perfect for that extra ass look you’re going for this spring break.

Now for the most exciting part: the swimmies! My go-to tops are definitely band tees so I drool over these band tee one-piece swimsuits. Metallic is definitely a top trend in 2017. This gold, plunging bathing suit is very flattering and would look perfect on the golden tan you’re going to get throughout spring break.

I love scarves on the beach. No, not around your neck but around your head. There are so many different ways you can style a scarf for your beach day which look extremely boho and extra af. You are also going to need a gigantic float to be extra af this spring break. You can follow with the flamingo trend or branch out and get a pizza. Personally, I’ll be dreaming of pizza all month long to be honest.

No matter where you decide to go for spring break, go all out, have no regrets and look extra af everywhere you go. When you look good you feel good, so grab that item you normally wouldn’t wear during school and rock that sh**!