Experiencing Real Winter, as Told by a Miamian

Before moving away for college, winter was a foreign concept to me. Growing up in Miami, I only experienced one season all year long: summer. The thought of experiencing actual temperature change and seeing leaves fall off trees was all too exciting, so coming to Tallahassee for school was a huge deal. I experienced my first taste of real winter last year and it was quite the shock for my South Floridian self. Here’s what I and every other Miami girl experienced, during my first real seasonal change:

I suddenly needed real winter clothes


Credit: Uniqlo


In Miami, you can get by with one hoodie for the whole year and a pair of jeans. The odds of needing anything more protective than that are slim to none considering the coldest it ever gets there are low 60s. When I woke up one morning and it was all of a sudden in the 40s and I had to walk outdoors to every one of my classes, I knew I was in trouble. I scoured the internet for cheap long sleeves, jackets, puffer vests and everything else I might need to stay warm. I also needed to learn when it was appropriate to wear a puffer vest because I might have been a bit over-exaggerated when it came to layering up (oops).

You can’t underestimate or over-exaggerate the cold

Credit: Miami.com


Since us South Floridians aren’t used to cold weather and sudden temperature change during the fall and winter months, we react in one of two ways: underestimate the cold or over exaggerate it. Dressing in shorts, sandals and a t-shirt in 60-degree weather probably isn't the best idea, nor is wearing a ski jacket and skiing boots. Finding that balance between understanding the weather and dressing appropriately is one of the main challenges of being a Miamian in the cold. And maybe you shouldn’t be that girl that walks around swaddled in a furry blanket to class when it’s below 65…

You excessively post Snapchats about how cold it is


Credit: Miranda Torres


Do you ever flex on your friends that stayed in Miami for school by posting snap stories when the weather hits below 70? Because same. No one wants to be that Miamian freaking out over the cold, but no matter how hard you try you will ALWAYS be that person. There are few things that make my Miami heart happier than sitting outside in the cold drinking hot chocolate and maybe, just maybe, posting a picture of that serene environment on my story. No judgment if you’re this Miamian, we all want that good snap story too!

You become more dependent on café con leche


Credit: cafeconleches.com

Being from Miami means you’re born with a dependency on Cuban coffee, and being in the cold only heightens that addiction to new levels. We Miamians rely on a cup of café every morning, but on days where it’s chilly out, we can have up to three cups by the afternoon. The excessive amounts of espresso being consumed are somehow supposed to combat the cold, but if you’re asking me I think it’s more of an excuse to drink more Café Bustelo.