Everything You Need to Celebrate Harry's Birthday in Style

Now, it is no surprise that one of the most notorious days of the year is right around the corner. A day to celebrate love in the most extravagant of ways. Excessive decor, sweets and of course a killer playlist to set the mood. That’s right, I’m talking about Harry Styles’ birthday on Feb. 1!

Harry Styles’ birthday is right around the corner and for his 26th year of being alive, it’s only appropriate we celebrate another year of iconic music, amazing fashion and life-changing performances. And while I do think it is our civic duty as stans to celebrate the day he was born, who wouldn’t love an excuse to dress up like him and listen/party to his songs all night long? Here’s a list of some easy ways to celebrate Harry’s birthday in style!

1. Food

While food is seemingly the easiest part of any party, just buy two pies of pizza and call it a day, there are a few specific foods that can really cater to the theme at hand. As an appetizer, you could serve kiwis, cherries and watermelon. This is a simple (and healthy) tribute to some of his most iconic songs “Kiwi,” “Cherry” and “Watermelon Sugar.” If you wanted to add even more fruit in the mix, throw in some strawberries for the line in his song, “tastes like strawberries on a summer evening.” For the main course of the night, Chinese takeout. Now, this may sound random but before the fame, Styles lived next to this Chinese restaurant (which was his favorite restaurant) and would have it every year on his birthday. So naturally, I can’t think of a more appropriate meal.

2. Decor

The decor is probably the easiest (and most fun) part of this party. There are a few easy finds that can make this party feel so golden. First, collect as many pictures of Harry Styles that your heart desires from the internet and then send them to your nearest photo printing service (I suggest Walmart). With just a little scotch tape, you will have every wall of this party coated with Harry’s face. No one would judge you though if you decided to keep it up year-round! Next, sunflowers! An easy homage to his hit song “Sunflower, Vol. 6” and they look great on an Instagram feed. Lastly, every party needs a photo booth. Now we’ve seen polaroids and disposables done before, but to really capture the essence of his album art we need a fisheye lens that goes over a normal phone camera. This lens, that can be found on Amazon, will do wonders for re-creating the Fine Line album cover with friends and family!

3. Outfit

There are two very easy options for creating the Harry look for this party. You could either keep it simple with some concert merch or DIY merch or you can completely transform yourself into the style icon of this generation that is Harry Edward Styles. There are only a few basic pieces you need to fully encapsulate 2020 Harry (even though going as any other Harry era is also highly encouraged). All you need is a pearl necklace, a flowy button down/t-shirt/sweater, rings, vibrant nail polish, flare pants and boot heels. Because his style is so diverse, it’s best to just use his statement accessories and use your own personal look to create a unique outfit. Of course, if all else fails, wear a black dress and pretend you are the girl he’s talking about in “Kiwi.” 

4. Playlist

Although this element of the party may seem like a no brainer, it is important to consider every possible song to create the perfect playlist. All songs in both his debut album and recent one, Harry Styles and Fine Line, are obvious must-adds to the playlist, but we can’t forget his unreleased tracks and iconic One Direction bops. “Anna” and “Medicine,” two of his unreleased tracks can be found on YouTube and Spotify and are songs that just should not be overlooked on Harry’s big day. The One Direction songs you choose to add to the line-up are truly open to preference, however, my personal favorites have to be “No Control,” “Stockholm Syndrome,” “Kiss You” and “Over Again.”

If these aren’t enough reasons to celebrate Harry Styles with your closest friends, then I also advise just sitting at home with a pint of ice cream and watching Harry’s Carpool Karaoke on a loop. However, I am fairly certain this iconic day in history is much more fun to celebrate than that other day in February with the candle-lit dinner dates and boxes of chocolate.

Happy birthday, Harry Styles!

All images courtesy of Giphy.

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