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Everything Exciting and Why You Should Go: FSU Student Life Cinema

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Located on 942 Learning Way, Florida State’s Student Life Cinema (SLC) remains a junction of excitement and university commotion. As a longtime follower and occasional participant, I am always impressed by the events the organization is always concocting, and this month is no exception. Last weekend, the SLC hosted a showing of The Room (dir. Tommy Wiseau) for its 20th anniversary, a cult classic with a ridiculously hilarious backstory. Showings of these films are typically interactive (think Rocky Horror Picture Show). On top of that, the SLC managed to get Greg Sestero (screenwriter of the film and stars in it as well) to come in and do a Q&A! From a quick glance at their Instagram story, a line of students trailed out of the door, proving the event to be a great success. This weekend, they showed the 2023 Nominated Oscar Short Films (in conjunction with the All-Saints Cinema, located in Railroad Square), with each category screened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Admission for FSU students is typically free with an FSU ID, which is an awesome deal since movie theater tickets can be so expensive. The SLC also likes to host other events besides film screenings. For instance, this Wednesday, March 8 at 4 p.m., they are holding a succulent planting, which comes with a free succulent (if I could place a winking emoji, I would)! Another example just occurred— they arranged a karaoke night last Tuesday from 7-9 p.m., along with a gaming night called “Final Friday” on March 24. In addition to the events they organize, they have a film-related and culture blog called The Stargazer, which covers anything from TV and movie stars to iconic cinema to film reviews. After speaking to the director, he mentioned that there is also an Annual Charity Event “Nolesplay for Childsplay,” which hopes to show off a variety of different gaming tournaments, free play and VR experiences to raise money for Shands Children’s Hospital. 

Finally, one of the best ways to stay in touch, stay updated and get involved is by following them on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)! They post regularly on their social platforms with all of their upcoming events, with a hebdomadal announcement about what’s happening that week on Instagram. If you are in charge or a part of an FSU organization and want to co-sponsor a film with them, email Sam Gomez at ou-slc-cospon@fsu.edu. The last date to inquire is March 10! Their website also includes information about all our committees and links to our LinkTree, which can give you even more information!

Overall, the SLC at FSU has a plethora of incredible and entertaining events happening this semester. Hope to see you there!

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Hi, I'm Aliya Carrington. I am an FSU student with a major in Women's Studies and a minor in Cinema Studies. I love to write recreationally and for HerCampus!