Ellen For Dance Marathon at FSU 2014

If you haven’t already heard, DM at FSU wants Ellen for Dance Marathon 2014! That’s right; Dance Marathon at FSU wants television host and stand-up comedian Ellen DeGeneres to join us as we dance for the kids at DM this year.

Dance Marathon at FSU is the university’s largest student-run philanthropy. During this 40-hour event, more than 1,800 students pledge to stay awake and stand on their feet for the children of our local communities. This year, DM at FSU is on the road to raising one million dollars. 

Since its start, DM at FSU has raised over $3.8 million for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and the FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Program. With this huge goal in mind, the organization was tasked with coming up with new and exciting ways to raise awareness and support of the event.

Children’s Miracle Network is a large nationwide organization that already has an established celebrity following. While doing some research, Christina Givner — Events Assistant for DM at FSU — noticed that Ellen was not on the list of celebrity endorsers. That’s when it was decided to get Ellen involved in the event.

Not to mention she’s also a really great dancer. 

“The actual event aspect of Dance Marathon consists of dancing, but the philanthropy as a whole is all about helping others. Because of this, I wanted to reach out to Ellen in hopes she might be able to relate and fall in love with Dance Marathon as thousands and thousands of students here at FSU and across the country have done so already,” said Givner.

To help bring awareness to the event as well as to reach out to Ellen, DM at FSU created a YouTube video. The dream behind the video is to show Ellen what Dance Marathon at FSU is all about and to inspire her to join us! Check it out!

A Twitter account has also been made for students to reach out to Ellen and tweet the reasons why they would love for her to come to DM. I definitely recommend you follow them for some clever, inspirational tweets!

The thing DM needs the most is support from the FSU community and help spreading the word! Without all of your help, this movement won’t be possible! The first way you can help is by sharing and subscribing to the YouTube channel DMatFSU and watching the Ellen for Dance Marathon video!

Another huge way to get involved is by sending the video to Ellen herself at: www.ellentv.com! It’s these views and posts to your Facebook wall that can add up and make for one VERY big movement.

If you haven’t already been convinced, read these 10 reasons from DM at FSU’s Tumblr about why Ellen — the dancing queen herself — should come to Dance Marathon.

Thanks for all of your continued support with Dance Marathon! And as always, it’s FTK!