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Eliza Mosman: The All-Inclusive Guide to Success in the Fashion Industry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Name: Eliza Mosman

Year: Senior

Major: Retail Merchandising and Product Development

Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL

At only 19 years old, Eliza Mosman, president of the AATCC, seems to have her life more put together than anyone I know. Graduating high school with her AA and now graduating next spring from FSU, she has big plans on what she wants to do post-grad, such as becoming a buyer for department stores and hopefully getting her MBA. Young, ambitious and ready to take on any challenge, Eliza gave us a little insight on what her organization does. 

Her Campus (HC): Can you tell us a little about AATCC for those who don’t know about it and why you’re so passionate to be part of such a great organization?

Eliza Mosman (EM): So, AATCC stands for the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. AATCC as a national organization is a nonprofit that tests textiles and clothing. They play a really big part in the industry. I’m president of the student chapter here at Florida State University, and I’m so passionate about it because I think that so many people don’t have the opportunity to learn about proper interview techniques or how to be professional. They maybe just don’t have those friends that set the same goals for them in their professional dreams. I like to be that person for all the members to kind of inspire and communicate opportunities and talk about things that I’ve done and hopefully make them feel welcome.

HC: As president, what are some goals that you have for the organization?

EM: The major one I had was to double the number of members that we had, and we have been able to accomplish that. I really want to emphasize all that you can be as a member of this club. Definitely getting more people involved is our major goal.

HC: Have you worked in retail before? If so, what has the experience taught you and how do you apply it towards AATCC?

EM: I was a retail management intern for Kohl’s over the summer for eight weeks, and it definitely taught me that communication is key for everything. As president, it was very hard at the beginning to assign other people tasks since I’m typically a person who likes to do everything myself. But through this internship, my managers taught me that you can’t manage what you’re doing on your own. You have to let other people do their jobs, and if they do them, then you can effectively work together as a group.

HC: Could you tell us a little about the Atlanta trip that you guys go on and what you guys do while you’re there?

EM: Yeah! We’re actually leaving this weekend. We go to the Atlanta Mart, which is basically where buyers from all over the country get to attend and shop for products for their boutiques or stores. So, as a group we get to go. They also hold a fashion show and this year’s theme will be a Montreal collection. We get to have a tour of the Mart and get to see the interaction between buyers and retailers and all that, which is really cool. We’re also going to SCAAD to see the fashion museum there, as well as having a Miami watch party since the big game is this weekend.

HC: You guys also hold an on-campus fashion show each semester, how does that work?

EM: Yeah, all of our members get to participate! Whether that’s in styling hair and make-up, modeling, or whatever they want to do, it’s kind of a way for them to get experience in ways that they can’t find in college. I’m the head coordinator and even before the semester started, we picked out a venue and figured out what theme we wanted: “A Trip to Europe.” With this theme, each section will be a different country. We’re also partnering with a student brand which makes its own street-wear style. They’re going to make some outfits for the fashion show, which is really cool. We have another student designer that made outfits for previous years and who’s going to style for us again. It’s just really fun to see it all come together, and I’m excited to have a bigger say in it this year!

HC: On top of holding an on-campus fashion show, you guys just had your first ever Tallahassee Fashion Week this year. How did that go and is it something you guys will continue to do?

EM: Yes! So last semester, Tallahassee Magazine covered our Fashion Week. We were partnered with CMA, which is the other fashion club on campus, and hosted several events throughout the week. We had the fashion show, as well as a social at Madison Social and a trunk show. I definitely think we’re going to try and do that again this year. We’re still in the process of working things out and talking with CMA, but we’re definitely going to have a lot more press considering that we’re working with a student brand. Tallahassee Magazine also did another article on us, and we invited them to the show. Hopefully, we can get the word out more about what we do!


Courtesy: Carlos Crespo


HC: On your website, I saw that you guys had a Sephora beauty class. What did you guys do there?

EM: We had a private Sephora beauty class where they taught us how to do professional make up for an interview or on-the-job makeup. Our members were able to go before the mall opened, and we got to try all of their products and do a one-on-one class. It was really fun!

HC: What types of internships could you get from being affiliated with AATCC?

EM: Through AATCC, we look up opportunities for any internships that are available. Part of being a student member of the national organization, you also get to post your resume on the national website and look for internships that are only available to student members. We definitely strive as officers to look up internships that provide the best opportunities.

HC: Is there anything on-campus that you’re involved in or a part of that is separate from AATCC?

EM: At the the FSU Career Center they have practice interviews that you can sign up for, and I’m one of the people that facilitates the interviews. I have to research candidates, read cover letters, find out what they’re applying for and write questions based on that. I then give them feedback after the interview.

HC: Does being a mock interview mentor help you in any way with AATCC?

EM: Oh, definitely. It helps with my own interviewing techniques and I’m able to give the information to my organization. We had a presentation about professionalism and how to interview and everything like that. It’s able to give me the perspective of being on the other side of the interview versus being interviewed.

HC: Lastly, how important is fashion to you and when did your interest in fashion start? Was it something you know you wanted to do since you were young or something that as you grew older you began to love?

EM: Fashion is very important to me. I’m typically not the first one to wear a new style, but I definitely think it’s something that helps me express emotions and who I want to be as a person. You know, your outfit can change based on how you’re feeling that day and I think it’s so amazing to have that impact on someone’s life. As far as when I started being interested in it, I’ve always loved shopping. I think the idea of being a buyer, like having to shop for someone else, was always kind of my thing. I think I really became interested in it when I was in high school looking for programs for colleges. I read about this one at FSU and all of the things that it can provide you. It was able to show me all of the outlets that fashion provides and how it’s not just solely about fashion, but how there is so much more to it.


Courtesy: Carlos Crespo


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