Before, During and After: A Look Into FSU’s Nationally Ranked Sales Team

If you are a student in the College of Business at Florida State University, you have most likely have heard of our prestigious sales team. Our sales team is nationally ranked and competes in one of the largest sales competition in the nation every year. The event is called ICSC and it takes place in Orlando, Florida. ICSC gives these students a chance to not only show off their impressive skills in selling but show these skills to their potential employers.

I had the opportunity to meet with the current sales team members, talk with graduates from past teams and ask the sales professors some questions about the team. I was able to talk to them about all their unique stories and experiences while being on the team and get some tips and tricks for becoming just as successful as them!  

From Sales Team Members Before They Joined

Her Campus (HC): Did you always know that you wanted to be in sales?

Caroline Kenefick, sales team member graduating in May 2020: When I was in high school, as a senior I was thinking about what I’d be good at. My dad actually showed me the FSU sales program and the sales team. So, I came specifically for the sales program here. I wanted to be a part of something that would allow me to work as hard as I can and be rewarded for my work. 

Daniel Malynowsky, sales team member graduating in May 2020: No. I was kind of all over the place but once I got into the College of Business I thought I’d just settle for marketing or management. I had a few friends in sales classes so I went into basic sales. Once I took basic sales I became very passionate about it and knew I wanted to be in sales. 

HC: How did you get involved with the sales team? 

Daniel Malynowsky: A lot of hard work. I started on the JV team in the spring. I always showed face with the team and made sure they knew me. I dressed professionally in every class and would always volunteer to help. I was lucky enough to get to help out at ICSC. Once I got into advanced sales, I continued the same process of dressing professional and showing face so I could advance. 

Veronica Marin, sales team member graduating in Summer 2020: I honestly did not even choose to be in basic sales. I was a transfer student and that class was chosen for me. I had Chuck Viosca as my professor and he was amazing. Pat Pallentino later invited me and a few other Spanish speakers to compete in a bilingual sales competition. Only four of us showed up to the meeting to prepare, so the four of us became the bilingual team. I ended up getting the best award for the English, Spanish and bilingual category. 

Courtesy: FSU Sales Team

From Current Sales Team Members

HC: What is your favorite part of being on the team?

Caroline Kenefick: The endless opportunities of connecting with people outside of FSU. Learning about everything that is out there. Also, growing my sales skills. It has been a really big growth opportunity for me. 

Chase Landry, sales team coach graduating in December 2020:The friendships. How close you become with everyone. 

HC:What are your best tips and tricks for getting over the nervous jitters during an interview or presentation? 

Hannah Kravec, sales team coach graduating in May 2020: Persistence is key. You won’t get your dream job if you don’t learn from your mistakes and bad interviews. Make sure you always are asking for feedback. Being close to professors and getting clarity on what we’re doing right and wrong is also great. 

Courtesy: FSU Sales Institute

HC: If you could give one piece of advice to the current professional sales students interested in applying for the sales team, what would it be? 

Caroline Kenefick: Get involved as much as you can. Show that you really want this. They see who is putting in the most work. Practicing and hanging around the sales team, you pick up on what is important to get there. 

HC: For the sales team coaches: If you could put into a sentence or two, your experience coaching your peers, what has it been like? 

Hannah Kravec: It has been really rewarding. I get to learn from their mistakes as well. I get to see a lot of different learning styles. 

Chase Landry: It has been very rewarding and eye-opening for me. Finding someone who stands to gain from something you know is practical education. 

HC: What clarity has being on the team provided for your life post-grad? 

Hannah Kravec: Being on the sales team, sponsors reach out to you. There are truly a lot more networking opportunities. I have had multiple job offers already but haven’t picked anything just yet. 

From Sales Team Professors

HC: What do you believe is the number 1 characteristic that sets sales team members apart from the other sales students? 

Pat Pallentino, 16 years of teaching sales: There is a desire to win. They have that athletic motivation. 

Chuck Viosca, 15 years of teaching sales: Character: The whole package. Someone with integrity, who is a hard-worker, and is personable. 

From a Sales Team Graduate: 

Courtesy: FSU College of Business

Domonique Rey was on the Spring 2019 team and now works at ThyssenKrupp Elevator as an account manager. (Pictured above second from the left.)

HC: How did you decide on working for your current company? Were you offered this position pre-graduation?

DR: I was offered this position pre-graduation in my last semester. I spoke with them multiple times at the career fairs and they just seemed like the most genuine company. They mentioned not only the good stuff but also the challenges. They were real, honest and straight-forward with me. I appreciated their transparency. They are like family now.

HC: What experiences from being on the sales team have you been able to use in your job? What was the most important lesson you learned to apply in real-life sales situations? 

DR: What I use most would be setting the agenda for the meeting and remembering to probe in my questioning. I also make sure to make my meetings more consultative when I meet with clients. The most useful tool from the sales classes was learning SPIN and learning how to discover the needs of a client. 

HC: What was your favorite aspect of being on the team? 

DR: Making friendships on the team. We still talk on and off. We really do all keep in touch. You go through the ups and downs with your team. It was just really a fun time for all of us.

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