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Dressing up but Staying in? How To Make the Most of a COVID Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The Halloween season has always been a time of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, this year it is being faced with adversity. COVID is still extremely present and a serious health risk to the nation. As a result, we’re forced to face the fact that this holiday season may be very different for some.

When you think of the traditional Tally Halloween, it includes clubbing all week. You plan your costumes and which days you’ll hit up which clubs. It’s usually a care-free time of pregaming followed by a wild night of partying. Because the clubs are currently open, many people will make the choice to carry on with their yearly tradition. However, the continued presence of COVID still has many people fearful for their health and safety, causing them to opt-out of the clubs. For those of you who plan on staying home, it may not be Bajas, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

1. Get Dressed Up

Get that costume you’ve been dying to wear. Do your makeup, your hair and put on your outfit and feel good. Act is if you have somewhere to go, harness the energy of your costume and have a photoshoot.

2. Have a Halloween Themed Photoshoot

Set up different decorations around your place so you can have multiple locations, and channel your spirit into selfie energy. This gives you a reason to want to get dressed up and embrace the night.

3. Host a Movie Night

Set up a movie night filled with treats and drinks and watch scary movies alone or with friends.

4. Have a Karaoke Night

Pick a playlist and belt out your favorite songs with your best friends.

5. Bake Spooky Treats

Get creative and make your own popcorn balls, candy corn cookies or bake your own pumpkin seeds. This can be a fun activity with a few friends or you can do it by yourself and have treats to enjoy for the night.

6. Carve Pumpkins

Gather a few friends, grab some wine and get to carving. You can host a contest and see which of your friends has a secret talent for pumpkin carving. This is a simple activity that is still on theme and fun.

7. Spend Time With Family

Take this time to go home and be with your family. Family time might be the thing you need to get you out of your FOMO funk.

8. Have a Self-Care Night

Take this night as an opportunity to have some much-needed me-time. Grab a face mask, run a bath and relax. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, grab a blanket, put on Netflix and enjoy.

I know that this year has really thrown everyone through a loop, and we are all just craving a sense of normalcy. However, at the end of the day, we can still choose to make the most of the circumstances. Have your friend group get COVID tested and get together for a night of fun. Change your mindset from clubbing to spending time with loved ones and try to still have a good time. Whether you put on a scary movie or carve a pumpkin, there are ways you can still enjoy the holiday while staying safe.

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