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Dissecting that 30-Second ‘Stranger Things’ Super Bowl Commercial

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Since the release of the first season last summer, Stranger Things has easily become one of Netflix’s best original series. Winning the SAG award for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series” along with other nominations for upcoming award shows this year, it’s no doubt that it’s a fan favorite among many. For those that don’t know the story behind all the hype for this incredible show, here’s the gist: When a young boy, Will Byers, goes missing, his friends, mother, and the local police chief go on a search to find him. Little do they know the unnatural forces and terrifying truths they will discover of an unknown world, or rather another dimension, called the Upside Down. During the Super Bowl, fans were given a little 30 second teaser that only left them with more questions and more anticipation for the next season. With the teaser gone viral and talked about everywhere, we can’t wait to see what season two holds!


1. The boys are back!

Mike, Finn, and Dustin are back and cuter than ever! Just like in the first season, the boys are seen riding around their small town of Hawkins, Indiana, either still looking for answers of what the Upside Down is or running away from a new monster. But what catches fans eyes and wins our hearts over all over again is the fact that their wearing Ghostbusters suits! We can’t wait to see what the boys will do and who they will meet on their next adventure of saving the world one Demogorgon at a time.

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2. Demogorgon who?

In the first season, the only worry the boys and Eleven had to deal with was finding Will and defeating the Demogorgon. In the teaser, however, there looks to be a new monster that is bigger and better. Remaining faceless, the monster is seen in one clip with what looks like the back of Will’s head, as he is looking at it from inside his home. From what we know at the end of the first season, Will came back from the Upside Down safely, but not the same. In this next season, we hope to see what really happened to Will in the Upside Down and what monster he (possibly) brought into the world.

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3. “The World is Turning Upside Down”

This slogan in the teaser couldn’t be more fitting. Starting out with a little throwback clip of a “Leggo my Eggo” commercial, the teaser quickly turns dark with Mike yelling, “Eleven!” With so many small clips in between, we see that Hawkins, Indiana is in for, yet again, another rude awakening as they will have to confront another terrifying and life threatening monster.

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4. We have a release date (finally)!

Around mid-fall of 2016, fans were given the titles of various new episodes that will be in season two. Of course, the names were a little obscure and vague, such as “The Pollywog” or “The Storm,” but it only made us want more details on the upcoming season. Now, fans finally got their wish and were given a release date. Set to release Halloween of this year, we all know there won’t be much trick-or-treating going when we have Dustin, Mike, and Lucas’s adventures to watch!

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5. And hello… Eleven!

Everyone’s favorite bad-ass, fans were left not knowing what happened to Eleven or where she went to after she used all her power to defeat the Demogorgon and protect the boys. In the beginning clips of the trailer, we hear Mike’s voice call out Eleven’s name and then cut quickly to a close-up shot of her eyes opening. Fans also saw clips of what looked like to be The Hawkins National Laboratory and a lot of computer monitors viewing what appeared to be Eleven. We hope she’s not in the hands of Dr. Brenner and stuck in that lab, but just like in the first season, we know she can escape anything, get back to the boys, and take on whatever evil monster comes her way.

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