Disney Princesses In College: Get Out Of Your Tower And Date Around!

I found a dress for my date!

Rapunzel in the movie Tangled is an interesting princess. For one, I wish to the twinkling lights above me I had whatever hair products she used to keep her hair that long and undamaged for so long. Is she using dry shampoo? Naturally drying her hair? Does she sing her magical song to repair her own split ends? I would definitely like to know, but maybe I should be glad I don’t have to spend a day and a half just brushing my own hair…we princesses in college have more important matters to attend to.

Another interesting thing about Rapunzel is that she went on an adventure with a complete stranger after he came to her tower (without asking) to hide from his own criminal behavior. This is almost the equivalent of you getting a knock on your door, opening it up to a random hot guy, and being asked if you want to hide “his stash” at your place for an easy twenty dollars. Okay, first off, no amount of “smolder” is ever going to make that scenario look good.  In this instance, you should repeat Rapunzel’s actions and hit him with a frying pan, but please don’t take him hostage…just call the police (and keep hitting him with the frying pan).

Though we may never think ourselves to be so bold (or possibly stupid) as to kidnap a hoodlum and have him go on a quest with us (let alone fall in love with the same said hoodlum), we still have to admire Rapunzel’s tenacity and courage to force someone to do that. Obviously mothers don’t know best when they tell you to stay cooped up in your residence hall or tower and just wait for the perfect gentlemen to just gracefully fall onto your lap. (This is about the time where we might cross our fingers, close our eyes, and wait for Ryan Gosling to fall from the sky by some freak accident.) Things don’t come so easily to us, which is why Rapunzel has inspired me for this week’s lesson:

Get out of your tower and date around!

^LEAVE AND NEVER RETURN…unless you need to study or sleep because that’s okay.

Perhaps I am influenced by the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, or maybe I find myself looking upon my own princess dating life and just wondering, and wondering, and wondering, and wondering WHEN WILL IT AT ALL BEGIN? However, as a fellow princess in college, you should hear me out. As mentioned before, it took a lot of guts (and hair), for Rapunzel to leave her cozy tower. I mean, sure, she freaked out for a total of fifteen minutes, going back and forth between regret and excitement, but the point is that she finally got out of her comfort zone.

Now, her goals may have been different from ours (as she wanted to see a festival and we might just want some prince man candy), but the concept is still the same. As a princess in college, we can’t wait for things to happen, especially dating. No, this doesn’t mean I am telling you to sacrifice your femininity and ask a guy out (and yes, you can still love Disney princesses and be a feminist), but what good will it do to never try new things? If we keep rejecting every possibility or opportunity that strikes us, we might never leave the tower, and therefore never get our prince or free haircut (complete with hair dye and styling techniques).

My goal for us princesses in college is to take notes from Rapunzel and get out of the tower! Hook up with Flynn Riders, go clubbing at your nearby tavern, and don’t be afraid to go against your mother’s wishes and date a Jewish man (or, you know…any man or woman of your pleasing). I have a dream (she has a dream?!) to see all of us princesses out and about taking new chances and dating more princes. Hey, even if it doesn’t work out (they are jerks, sketchy, or actual criminals), then at least you can say you tried. Who knows? Maybe getting out of the tower is more about learning to date yourself and know what you want more than finding the perfect prince to make out with (though making out is still fun).

And why wouldn’t you want to date yourself?! You’re damn royalty; get it girls!

Happy dating and luscious hair to everyone!