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Dear New Member Self,

You would not believe everything you have overcome, accomplished, and experienced. It was hard being a new member, and it’s not always talked about. We were in our shy girl era. I felt like I had used two months’ worth of social battery on the singular week that is recruitment. I found it so hard to interact with other members if my bid day buddy was not there and had to force myself to go to meals. We lived at Wildwood Dorm Hall, which is quite the uphill walk to the chapter facility. I always felt awkward and a little anxious. I was constantly thinking, do they like me? Do they know who I am? Do I annoy them? When I look back, I don’t know why I had all these thoughts and questions; none of my new sisters did anything to cause these things.

I am here to tell you; it does get better! The best things we did were to 1. Chill out and 2. Put ourselves out there. I always think of myself as an outgoing individual, but college challenges me in ways I would have never thought of. One of my favorite parts of my new member journey was the big-little process. I was going on lady dates and having quality conversations with older sisters. They made me feel so seen and loved. My first lady date was with Kylie, and we agreed to meet up at The Sweet Shop. It was so much fun, we talked about our career goals, her recent trip to New Orleans for the FSU vs. LSU game, skincare, our insecurities, and more. I left The Sweet Shop so happy and excited about having a potential big.

My sorority has all the potential bigs and littles make “All About Me” slides so we can reach out to possible matches or just meet sisters. Allie reached out to me after seeing my “Little Slide” and we agreed to meet up at 1851 for lunch. We both did not like what our chapter was serving for lunch, so as a result, we bonded over being picky eaters. I giggle to myself now. Who knew being picky eaters would be what bonded us and such a green flag? Allie and I were able to talk about everything. I loved hearing about her boyfriend, her sorority fam, and all the fun things she likes doing. We talked until she had to go to class, and that was pretty much the extent of our interactions before Big-Little.

Kylie, Allie, and my bid day buddy, Lara, were the sisters I was thinking about most as a potential big. Our Big-Little Week includes three baskets of little gifts. My big left me hints as to who she was, and she texted me from a Hawaii phone number. Allie ended up being my big, and I had no idea when she jumped out of the box (as I hugged her so hard that I faceplanted) how much of an impact she would have on my life, my college experience, and me as an individual. Allie and our 12-person fam have supported me through some of the hardest obstacles, challenged me to go for opportunities, and just showed me how important and amazing the little things in life are.

After getting Allie and our fam, I finally felt so at home at my chapter even though I had basically just met these people. Being a new member sucks. Or at least for us it did. Now, I could not be more thankful for that time, as I know so many sisters, and have a leadership position within my chapter. Who knew some of my favorite memories would be Panhellenic meetings, eating Whataburger in the car, or just doing homework in my G-big’s apartment? It gets better.

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