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Day Trips to Take From Tallahassee This Spring Break

After Florida State’s announcement to go online for the two weeks after our scheduled Spring Break, every student just got that much more time to chill and hang out. Unfortunately, this could also lead to boredom after a while, especially if you are still stuck in Tallahassee with nothing to do. To pass the time, I suggest a few towns close enough to Tallahassee to travel to and have fun with friends for a day trip!

Averie Woodard

Seaside, FL

If you have never been to Seaside on 30A, then you are probably from a beach town in Florida already. Seaside is one of the cutest vacation spots for people like me that are from landlocked states of the South. Seaside has very cute storefronts including merchandise, fun food stops and clothing stores. One of my favorite stores in Seaside is Central Square Records which is a very cute music shop that sells a wide array of records. They also have a grilled cheeserie that is simply delicious and very popular. If you decide to travel to Seaside, it’s about two and a half hours away from Tallahassee. While you’re there be sure to check out the neighboring beach towns Rosemary, Watercolor, and Alys.

Thomasville, GA

The perfect small-town destination for an out of state getaway. Almost every person in Tallahassee has probably been to Thomasville for a weekend trip or has at least heard of it, but it’s still one of the best day-trip options from Tallahassee. One of my favorite bookstores is located in Thomasville and it’s called The Bookshelf if you want to check it out. Drive up to Thomasville for a little photoshoot with your friends on its cute streets. I also suggest checking out the yarn shop there called The Fuzzy Goat. They have all you could ever want for knitting, sewing, crocheting and the like. There are so many fun antique stores down there as well that I recommend browsing through and Thomasville is about an hour away from Tallahassee. 

St. George Island, FL

If you are wanting a quieter beach experience for some relaxation, I would suggest traveling to St. George Island. Located about two hours away, this spot is perfect for laying out on the beach with little noise and commotion that you would get going to a destination beach. Take a book to read, homework to get done and a speaker for some quiet relaxation down by the water. If you are hungry on the way to the beach, stop for a donut at Weber’s Little Donut Shop for a sweet treat.

Providence Canyon, GA

Are the mountains calling you? Drive over to Providence Canyon for a fun hike with friends. Soak up that mountain air. Climb to see amazing views and take some pictures looking out over the mountains. The trip from Tallahassee to Providence Canyon is about two and a half hours so I suggest making a fun playlist before you hit the road!

Marianna, FL

Marianna is an hour away from Tallahassee making it a really fun and quick trip for those of you looking for something different to do. Marianna is home to some beautiful creations of nature including the Marianna Caverns. Marianna has tours of these caves that host limestone stalactite formations. The caves are located in the Florida Caverns State Park which also includes the Chipola River that is perfect for boating or canoeing on. If you are wanting to get outdoors and be active but do not feel like hiking, the state park in Marianna is perfect for you.

Even with all of the chaos surrounding school right now and the rest of the world, you can still make your spring break fun and exciting by making memories with your friends and family. Stay safe this extended break!

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