Date Yourself Before (and While) You Date Someone Else

The pressures of dating in this day and age are so real, especially as a 20-something woman. Society places such a heavyweight on the relationships we have with those around us and expectations of these relationships are constantly shoved in our faces. Everything is always #relationshipgoals or #friendgoals on social media and this tends to make us feel like the relationships we share with those we love are not glamorous or perfect enough to live up to society's standards. This giant emphasis on the connections we share with others can drive us crazy and put a strain on the relationships in our lives. I was a victim of this; constantly comparing my relationships (both romantic and platonic) to the relationships of others. I got so caught up that I forgot about the most important relationship of all: the one I had with myself.

When we hear the word “date” we often think of two people spending time together to build or maintain a romantic relationship. However, it’s about time that we rid our minds of this shallow definition and realize that a date can apply to more than just the romantic area of your life. You can go on a date with friends, family, pets and even yourself. After my time analyzing the relationships in my life, I realized I needed to learn to be comfortable alone and to spend uninterrupted time with myself. Here are five dates that can ignite the spark between you and yourself:

A Trip to the Spa

What says I love you more than a spa day gift to you from you? Release your tension and toxins with a massage and facial package. A plus to going alone? No small talk required during your unwind time! You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and better than ever.

Candlelit Dinner for One

As a fellow foodie, this date is my personal favorite. Pick out a local restaurant you’ve never been to, put on an outfit that makes you feel fiercely like you and enjoy a night of great eats and people watching (another personal fav). You’ll want to give yourself (and your food) your full and undivided attention so be sure to put your phone away at the dinner table!

Take a Dance Class

Step out of your comfort zone and take a dance class! If you’re already a dancer, take a class that focuses on a genre different than you’re used to. Doing this can help boost your confidence or push you to expand your current skills. Remember not to take yourself too seriously and to have fun with it!

Go For a Walk in the Park

Catch a breath of fresh air and clear your mind on a stroll at a local park or nature trail. Nature not only aids in helping calm individuals, but it also helps inspire them as well. So put on your sneakers, step outside and get those creative juices flowing!

Do Some Arts and Crafts

A little DIY never hurt anybody. Scroll through Pinterest, select the most intriguing project you can find and put yourself to work. You never know, you may discover a new talent or hobby and, in the meantime, you can save money recreating store-bought items!

Dating myself has taught me that it’s important to spend time alone and I am now an advocate for alone time! Doing so provided me with a sense of self-care and love way beyond a Sunday night facemask paired with a glass of wine. I took a break from those around me and fell in love with my solitude. This allowed for so much growth and when I did integrate myself with friends and my romantic partner again, I felt better and more secure in those relationships. Uninterrupted time with yourself not only assists you in unwinding, but it also helps you learn more about you and therefore it should be done during your single and taken points in life. 

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